An Ode To Hot Coffee And Dictionaries Poem by Chuck Audette

An Ode To Hot Coffee And Dictionaries

Rating: 4.7

I'd write a long ode
to delishis hot coffee
and admitt, I'm even willing

but I've no yurning
fer a burning
and have trubble with my spilling.

Duncan Wyllie 17 April 2006

I know just how you feel Charles, this is great fun and thankyou so much for sharing it with the reader, Love Duncan

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Ernestine Northover 18 April 2006

A 'delishis' write Charles, a bit like as if it had come from a child, trying so hard to achieve a poem. I love the'spillings'. Love Ernestine XXX

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Anna Russell 19 April 2006

Funny and true, well done. Maybe the phantom PH 'p' can helpp you if you dropp anything. Hugs Anna xxx

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R H 19 April 2006

Another one that made me smile! Simply delishis! :) Justine

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Brian Dorn 20 April 2006

Charles, A fun poem, despite the 'spilling! ' Brian

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Ruth Walters 15 September 2009

I kind of like hot coffee, but I prefer it white, white and hot and frothy with choccy bits to bite. I kind of like your poem in fact it's very good I'll come and read another you've got me in the mood. Ruthy: -)

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Beth L Adams 27 December 2007

Hey, Chuck! I'm not sure that 'spilling' is mispilled or not. LOL Very cute piece. At the moment, I have a cup of coffee and have recently exited my online dictionary. I don't think I could do without either one. Have a wonderful evening! Beth

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Someone Else 14 April 2007

It must be the environment; try writing at Decafe where the writng ca-fiend awaits to granu-latte your unspiration, drip, by drip until you perk up and write.

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Preeti - is here! 20 May 2006

Came to read this poem expecting a senti ode..but that was so kool & funny. Preets

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Dee Daffodil 02 May 2006

Chuck, I had a hoot at this one! Way to go...I fill so much batter about my spilling misteaks now! ! See Scarlett...a kindred spirit! ! Really cute poem Chuck. I might not know much, (comma) but I know I likes what I sees! ! Hugs, Dee

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