An Unhappy Life Poem by shakil ahmed

An Unhappy Life

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An Unhappy Life

I was romping and rollicking with fun
Standing on a treacherous bog
My sky was blue and clear
But suddenly it is covered with silent fog.
I could walk miles after miles
Without taking pause or rest
In cricket or football ground
I was considered as best.
Now I can not walk even a furlong
Time has reduced my length
Without gesture or premonition
Now I am a man lack of vigour and strength.
Fleeting time was running hurriedly
Without my knowledge and understanding
I couldn’t even perceive that, very near
The mouth of death, I am lonely standing.
I remember the sunny days
When I was wild and violent
Cruel destiny has stolen these days
In a way, that is terribly silent.
Life is a drama, we play here
And it has a terrible ending
Happiness and sufferings are two sides of life
With a very wonderful blending
Life has snatched joys from me
In a very callous and pathetic way
I am swimming endlessly
In the middle of a violent bay.

Kelly Kurt 30 October 2015

I can relate and sympathize. Thanks, Shakil Peace

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Akhtar Jawad 30 November 2015

A philosophic poem but thinking of death at this stage of life! Anyway a a nice poem.

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Edward Kofi Louis 29 November 2015

The mouth of death leads us to the grave. Nice work.

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Afrooz Jafarinoor 06 November 2015

Aren't you still too young to see yourself at the mouth of death? I read and enjoyed this sad poem! All this music and all that noise again! It's a pity, though I can understand if life has treated you too badly! But isn't there always a personal choice in how to live?

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Sanjukta Nag 04 November 2015

This is life, at some point we all have to face this. Well knitted with nice images. Thank you.10

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Muhammad Ali 04 November 2015

Philosophical. Nice poem. I agree life is a drama But do we play it? ? ?

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shakil ahmed

shakil ahmed

Badarpur, Assam, India.
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