And Angel Wings Shall Beat No More Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

And Angel Wings Shall Beat No More

Rating: 4.9

For when two hearts do fall in love
The sun will shine in skies above,
When flowers bloom and colours glow
And crystal streams will gently flow.
The birds shall sing from every tree
Their songs will sail so gracefully,
The sweetest sound to lovers ears
And bring the joy to dry all tears.

In every hill and every field
The beauty that their sight shall yield,
A breathless breeze so soft shall kiss
The lover's lips with tender bliss,
And then caress the blossomed air
Their lives together they will share,
Each day shall be so warm and still
When angels fly it is God's will.

But when two hearts do break in two
And sun shall set with autumn's hue,
The flowers then shall wilt and die
And crystal streams will all run dry,
No longer will the birds then sing
And only sadness they will bring,
For silence then shall fill the air
And tears shall well of deep despair.

The beauty of each hill and field
Shall then no longer be revealed,
As cold winds blow and not abate
On lips of scorn so full of hate,
The blossom gone and leaves lie dead
When torn apart the lives they led,
The storms will rage and rains will pour
And angel wings shall beat no more.

Thad Wilk 13 April 2008

This is really a wonderful poem Andrew, very very touching a pleasure to read! ! *10*! ! Best regards, Friend Thad

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George Sicillia 13 April 2008

You bring contrast colour in a beautiful scratch.. nice..

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Duncan Wyllie 15 April 2008

So beautiful and yet so sad, you have such talent Andrew, please give yourself a well-earned pat on the back...YOU'RE A STAR * Love duncan X

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C.R. Clark 17 April 2008

What a beautiful poem, Andrew. I often find it very difficult to write about such heartbreaking events as you describe here and do any kind of justice to the subject. This is not, just another tearjerker. It is so wonderfully written. Very inspiring. Thanks, highest marks. Richard

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Abha Sharma 19 April 2008

how well you connect the nature with the sentiments..Nature always comes to our aid for expression. perfect composition and soul soothing poem.

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Beautifully written is lost love is found always for eternity... a ten from me.

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Goran Gustafsson 16 December 2008

The feeling of love and lost love pictured throu the change of nature is beutiful. Thanks

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Ernestine Northover 09 November 2008

Oh, WOW! ! ! ! ! ! What more can I say, this one was superb. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Bonnie Collins 09 July 2008

Andrew, this is beautifull, your flow of connecting nature with the way your heart flows is really excellent and gently penned to express your love that will forever burn....... Bonnie

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Alison Cassidy 27 April 2008

Iambic pentameter is the perfect meter for this poem (like Shakespeare's sonnets) . It matches the romantic mood beautifully and carries the reader with ease and grace. I love the way you have used the seasons to mirror the emotions you share with such eloquence in this bitter-sweet love poem. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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