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(Every year in the lunar month of Muharram we Shia Muslims commemorate the brutal martyrdom of the grandson of our Holy prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) and his family and friends at the hands of fake hypocritical so-called Muslims, several centuries ago. That tragic day of atrocity is known as ashurah.)

Our eyes weep in grief an ocean of tears
On this blackest day of tyranny
When evil hypocrites placed Quran atop spears
Martyring our prophet's progeny

Brutal and greedy for worldly power
Arrows rained down upon the Prophet's family
Inflicted by the cruel bastards
Who slaughtered that day all the holy

The plains of Karbala immersed in holy blood of piety
They savagely spared neither youth nor Imam's baby
Then mounted the holy heads like a war trophy
Burnt the tents of the holy ladies in great cruelty

They were denied access to water and food
Though they banked near the river Euphrates
Those hypocrites wore a savage hood
Tortured imam Husein's mates and soulmates

So we mourn in commemoration of this heartrending tragedy
Curse the perpetrators if you have any humanity

So every Ashura we will mourn and dress in black and dark
To commemorate this blasphemy upon prophets family, all hark

I know from observation that whoever hates Imam Husein
The grandson of the holy prophet Muhammed(
Can never be kind and compassionate
And only such a person can kill innocent kids and babies
For such hate is an unholy killer virus.

(Allah has commanded us to love the ahlulbayt (prophets family) in a clear well known verse which reads as follows, ' Shakir 42: 23 That is of which Allah gives the good news to His servants, (to) those who believe and do good deeds. Say (oh Mohamed) : I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives; and whoever earns good, We give him more of good therein; surely Allah is Forgiving, Grateful.'
Those who disobey this verse by hating the prophets family are answerable to God and those who killed them will face the tortures of hellfire.)

Dirge for the martyrs
By me

Can anyone imagine Imam Husein n Rubab's sorrow
when with parched lips their 6mnth babe begged for water
yet tyrants threw at his tender neck a three-pronged arrow
making him the youngest martyr in karbala's slaughter!

Greatly outnumbered, the holy band of the prophet's progeny
brutally butchered in unfair battle indeed
Husain's 4yr daughter clung to horse Zuljana's legs
so he shouldn't be dragged into battle by the cruel yazeed.

In a shower of arrows yet Husain said his Asr prayers
as his supporters formed in front of him a human shield
But such tyrannical and worldly were the slayers
they didn't even respect prayer time in battlefield.

So we cry, we weep, we mourn and wail
as every year we remember Kerbala's true tale.

(Foreigners and even some unbiased Sunnis and Hindus join and watch the commemorations and processions on Ashura, Muharram, here in Daressalam too.
The tragedy of Kerbala touches even the hardest of hearts for it was perpetrated by the powerhungry tyrannical worldly tyrants of the time.
Brutality and coldblooded tyranny was observed at its peak in this horrible historical event we can't ever erase from our minds for the blood of the Holy Prophet's progeny was spilled here.

So we begin our lunar calendar year with tears like a babe begins his life into this world crying too. But we weep for this saddest blot on the history of Muslims.
The killing of an innocent 6months babe of Imam Hussein the grandson of Holy prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) is an evil atrocity unparalleled indeed.
It's Islamically a must to give even chickens water before slaughter but the coldblooded perpetrators denied Imam Husein and his holy band and family access to the Euphrates river and all water for 3 days and then butchered them mercilessly in a highly unfair battle.
No Sunni or human has ever had a word of praise for Yazid or hurmala whose name has gone down in Islamic history as vicious sinning tyrants.

My heart therefore bleeds in deep grief for the grandson of the Holy prophet and his young children all martyred in one day at Kerbala.
I wonder at Muslims who love the Holy prophet(s.a.w) but don't feel anything for his flesh 'n' blood and family. It's surely coz they have been kept in the dark about the whole tragedy.
Mourning our beloved esteemed martyrs is therefore sacrosanct for us and indeed for any who have hearts n luv Islam and prophet Muhammed s.a.w)
Bharati Nayak 25 November 2016

It is really a tragic story.There is nothing more brutal when an innocent child is killed.In our language also we have terms- -SURA and ASHURA..Sura means gods whose abode is heaven.They have heavenly qualities.ASHURA means demons who have demonic qualities.There is always a fight between suras and Asura Love, kindness, sympathy and brotherhood are the most basic tenets of all religions.There is much strife in the society because people fail to understand this Thank you S.zaynub Kamoonpuri tor letting me know about your new post.

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Simone Inez Harriman 04 December 2016

I felt so tearful reading about this dreadful massacre. I just abhor the brutality, the despicable cruelty, and the suffering of innocents. Such sadness. So well penned S.zaynub.

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Theodora Onken 02 December 2016

This write brought me to tears; your reality touched this heart of mine and i cannot begin to imagine what the families of those killed went through. My heart hurts for you and all of those suffering under such heinous torment and actions...savage, brutal and supreme cruelty.

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Kim Barney 30 November 2016

This is very tragic. My heart aches for this baby and all other victims of murder for whatever reasons.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 01 May 2018

Can anyone imagine Imam Husein n Rubab's sorrow when with parched lips their 6mnth babe begged for water yet tyrants threw at his tender neck a three-pronged arrow making him the youngest martyr in karbala's slaughter! .......heartrending depiction. Very painful event. Brilliant poem shared with poet's note.Thanks for sharing.

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Unwritten Soul 09 July 2017

You work so hard for this work, to explain everything... and you stand for your faith when others rupture it, thats a great thing for you to do :)

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Muhammad Ali 01 January 2017

dear friend, I received your invitation, and tried many times to post a comment here, but I couldn't. you also agree, all of our emotions can't be expressed in words. I can't write my heart here and I hope you will forgive me. my poetry sense... I fear if I do a little mistake...

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 21 December 2016

good but i suggest if you accept compose a poem how to such things in a modern environment DISCONTINUE JUST TRY WILL YOU

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 24 December 2016

I don't understand a word u r saying. Please say CLEARLY.

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Annette Aitken 21 December 2016

I heartfelt read and yet still today it carries on, will humanity ever learn? not as long as the powerful need more power and the poor get poorer and the weak weaker. well penned Annette

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

s.zaynab kamoonpury

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