Automobile Insurance Poem by Professor Poetry Hound

Automobile Insurance

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Can I just blame anything that goes wrong on Satan?
I mean, lots of things go wrong in this world. So can
we blame the tsunami on Satan? What about that guy
who opened his door into my car in the parking lot
and left a big dent? Was Satan behind that too? And
did Satan tell the guy not to leave a note? And did
Satan make the body shop charge me an arm and a leg
to get the damn thing repaired and not give me a
loaner while they took two goddam weeks to do the
bodywork? I’m pretty sure my insurance company is
owned by Satan. Probably all of them are. I once had
this girlfriend that dumped me out of the blue. Now
THAT was someone possessed by Satan. I hope
Jesus kicks her butt.

Poetry Hound 18 May 2006

Jeez, Mike. Chill.

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fanniesson - 26 August 2006

After reading a few of your works I’m seeing a theme like you style a must back & keep myself updated you get from me enjoyed the read

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Will Barber 25 May 2006

Well, the Book of Job makes it perfectly clear that Satan and Yaweh are old buddies who enjoy a little bet on how things go. So maybe the insurance company is a joint venture - tied in somehow with lobbyists and gambling casinos. Sorry about the dent.

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Anna Russell 22 May 2006

Hahahahah! ! ! ! So if my ex suddenly became impotent would that be Jesus or Satan? Either way... Great LIGHT HEARTED poem. Loved it. Hugs Anna xxx PS Sorry but I have to tell this joke now A guy goes into a body shop and says 'It's ok, I've already got one, thanks.'

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i think cellphone companies are run by Satan, too. Credit cards, cruise ships, the list goes on. Jake

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Rusty Daily 18 May 2006

Well Charlie, er Prof, this certainly clarifies to me that the 'devil made me do it'. What always gets me is those who say, 'If God wants me have something, oh like a new house or a new job, then I will get it'. No, what God wants you to do is get off your duff and use your 'God given' talents and do your best to better yourself. I don't know who is in charge of what happens in this world..probably us..but they have to be totally amused by who we give credit or blame. Good humor Prof, enjoyed it.

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