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Bad Hair Days (A Fun Poem)

Everyday is always a bad hair day for me
Mine is very curly, they told me it's kinky
I have a hard time combing my hair, you see
Have to visit my hairdresser to fix it for me

It was very shiny, as straight as can be
It was always like these since I was a little lady
Now, I am used to see this everyday
Ummm, I don't see what happened to me

Getting up early in the morning is not that easy
I have to have a ribbon to hold it, the neighbors might see
Never mind If they laugh at me and call me crazy
I have a God who loves me and take care of me.

Hey! I am elated this way, God created me like that,
And no bad hair day will ever make me give it back,
Yes! Truly blessed to have hair as pleasing as can be,
Think what you want, I absolutely adore it. He he he!

Hmmm..not a bad hair day at all...I love it..! ! ! He he he

Moriah Reyes 05 December 2009

:) awww..thats very sweet! I have strange hair too....not very bad...but interesting i guess....anyways, I loved your poem! ! !

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mine curls into the roundest balls you can find. many combs were lost in there. i definitely know how you feel. this is a fine poem

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Abdullah Musa 04 December 2009

It really nice readin this. Can'nt feel bad about what pple say on things i can'nt create or change.

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Rani Turton 03 December 2009

Very nice! It started off as a bad hair day...but these amusing lines will surely reconcile every woman with that feeling.

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David Harris 15 November 2009

Lil sis, I have a bad hair day everyday. I wake up looking like I have seen a ghost or am I turning into a punk. I will only start worrying if I wake up one morning and find it shocking pink! Top marks and thanks for sharing it with us lil sis. Hugs Big Bruv

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Spock The Vegan 12 April 2017

Fun poem, Meggie. Thanks for sharing.

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Kim Barney 03 April 2017

Lovely poem, Meggie. It really brightened my day. Thanks for posting this.

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Meggie Gultiano 19 December 2009

From : Javier Zamorano (United States ;) To : Meggie Gultiano Date Time : 12/18/2009 4: 41: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00) Subject : I have bad hair- even no hair! ! Hi Meggie. My name is Javier Zamorano. I just read about your hair dilemma but I think you've dealt with it already. I genuinely enjoyed this poem and I stopped to think that everyone does sometimes have a bad hair day but we also have good ones. You have a beautiful sense of humor and thank you for sharing some of it with me. Take care and God bless you.

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masked lady 10 December 2009

Hi Meggie! Its nice of you to love your hair. We have the same hair and like you i adore my hair too. Better curly and kinky than bald, right! I enjoyed reading your poem. HEHEHE.... More power.

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Lynn Glover 05 December 2009

Meggie: A bad hair day is not always fun, but your poem has a way that makes it funny and acceptable. Good write. Enjoyed the read. Your Friend Lynn

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