Boadicea (Mother's Touch) Ft Unwritten Soul Poem by Rekha Mandagere

Boadicea (Mother's Touch) Ft Unwritten Soul

Rating: 5.0

At one late night
Behind the wall
Through the window
Where all life pull the blanket
Except one sleepless at night
The aid of moonlight
The shadow reveal secret,
A women stand hugging a child
Crying because the bites of cold night
Or maybe a nightmare played in the dark

She sat and kissed,
deliver warmest hug
Her calming sounds
Tunes move from her lips
Whispering a soulful lullaby
Original song composed by heart

'Lovely star, I tell the world
What a precious gift is mine
Nothing can match with its golden shine'
Close the eyes, tiny one
Swayed by the secure
The child fell asleep again

The child always love
And be loved forever
When the world turn down
She comes with her palm on our face
'Sweet child, make the world that smiles
A lovely pole star, my twinkled bright'

'Standing at the height of the sky
Above all the hills and dales
It’s nature of law, none can forgo
Thunderstorms will come and go'
Oh Lord, you stop my worry
Her wisdom make life sound easy

Her words Her love
Carry anywhere
with love affair
Her cry Her strength
Birthing love to life
Feeding little with care

She carrying you in heart
Respect her whole heart

A mother in anywhere
Hold a responsibility from Him
Embracing child as He sent
Beautiful life circulate fairly treat
A child, anyone, everywhere
Hold a responsibility from Him
Respect her, care and love

Till one day
Could be a day
In one silent night,
The child comes near
Whispering dear to ears
A kiss upon her silver hair
to sing familiar tunes flare

'Lovely Ma, I share to the world
What a precious gift is mine
Nothing can match with her golden shine'
Time will reveal for a child
See her smile listening her cradle song back to her :)

Mohammad Akmal Nazir 01 July 2011

You were cent percent right when you said that lullaby is an original song composed by heart. A mother's touch is really a norishing tonic for the child. This gentle touch instills the child with a spirit to face the challenges of life. Whether she is a baby or heis grown up, a mother's touch is the most inspiring one. He lives with this touch through out the whole life whether she is alive or not. Great poem with a lot of tender feelings. A fine 10. Thanks for sharing.....

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Indira Babbellapati 05 July 2011

lullaby comes naturally to a mother, i suppose!

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Geetima Baruah Sarma 12 July 2011

Beautiful poem, simply touched my heart.

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 14 July 2011

a touching poem coming deep from a mother's heart.10, shan

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Bernard Snyder 19 July 2011

Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing such a lovely poem!

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Shahzia Batool 30 June 2013

No wonder if one wipes the eyes after reading rather feeling this poem! ! !

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Vipins Puthooran 10 December 2011

[An extra-ordinary poem] Magnificient! ! !

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Elena Sandu 07 October 2011

How could I miss this gem? Love this beautiful, sweet, heart touching and deep poem! Thank you for share, my dear friend,10

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Merlin Thattil 11 August 2011

A touching poem, comes deep from your heart.

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Allemagne Roßmann 08 August 2011

Unfathomable and unforgettable! Tears for fears of children.From animals to human beings the motherly affection and childly responses have a divine chemistry.

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