Born A Cry… Poem by Kesav Venkat Easwaran

Born A Cry…

Of dark deep forest amidst roars of carnivorous
can't you hear distinctly my newborn cry?
Pushed on, no request, to this wilderness
on compulsion sheer, you sent me, why?
The fear I feel, remember my deeds
crimes past, filth, shame, more penalized?
I know I have no option, no escape
but to face the trials you set unknown
Therefore, my Lord! I plead forgiveness
for I must stop crying, learn to smile,
learn to laugh, pretend to hate and love,
to act on this stage of life, a defence to find
and dare challenge your merciful, merciless ways
to see me lifted free from bondage again

26 07 08

Mamta Agarwal 09 August 2008

Awreness and mindfulness are the first steps towards salvation. Kesav a well composed poem, a cry of a soul yearning.10+ mamta

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Thad Wilk 09 August 2008

A splendid read Venkat! ! The Lord forgives everyone For sins in the past Gods wonders are many His powers are vast Pray for forgiveness, from Up above 'Twill free thee from thy pain And ye -shall find love! ! Best wishes! *10*! ! Friend Thad

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Rajaram Ramachandran 11 August 2008

 The longest word in English is 'Smiles' for there is a mile between 'S' and 'S'-as a joke, they say. The rarest commodity in the modern world of stress and strain is 'Smiles.' Many keep their faces grim and rarely we can see smiles anywhere around us. My two poems 'The Best Smile.' and 'laughter is the best medicine.' speak the same truth. One should relax all the nerves and muscles to make a smile, whereas one should keep the nerves and muscles rigid, to show anger. Which one is, therefore, easy to do and why we don't do?           :

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Koyel Mitra 02 October 2008

Smiling is good for health.Marvellous read! A 10!

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Dr.Wardha Jawdat 02 October 2008

deep profound philosophy highlighting the helplessness of man in being birthed and the necessity of living through roles differing in size and shape till past misdemeanors are compensated for....the philosophy of reincarnation that underlies this piece is interesting...well done sir!

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 28 March 2010

‘…Can’t you hear distinct my new born cry? ...’ Is it society’s cannibalism…? …very subtly percolated out the Poet’s anguish and concern… Will we so-called civils come into…enter into the ‘into of this ‘…Pushed on, ......... ‘? If so when…and Big when…if not how to make us hear… Ten++ with humane anguish Ms. Nivedita UK

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the helplessness of a good soul against a raw carnivorous world depicted well there...10...please read my 'a fine culture'...' a baby dawn'

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premji premji 05 April 2009

behind every laughter, there are hidden tears...........

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Min Sia 22 November 2008

A really thought deep.. And yes you're right..a profound philosophy within... Have to go on despite the situation from which we can't option..but to live life with the life we had...

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Rinzu Susan Rajan 19 November 2008

breaking free from the bondages of pain.. a questioning attitude seen here... good one

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