Bri's Response To The P H Poem: " I Am Your Baby, Mum ", By Dr. Antony Theodore ... [ Bharati Nayak Has Translated Antony's Poem Into Odia; Abortion; Pregnancy ] Poem by Bri Edwards

Bri's Response To The P H Poem: " I Am Your Baby, Mum ", By Dr. Antony Theodore ... [ Bharati Nayak Has Translated Antony's Poem Into Odia; Abortion; Pregnancy ]

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I did not come on my own Mum;

I was in you because your drunken B U M
of an uncle raped you against your will.
It's too bad you had no birth control pill.

Your baby was thrilled, no cares had it.
Your body supplied food & took away its S H I T.
It never got to taste how life outside might be,
with the good AND the bad. 'Mum' chose to be free.


Monday, February 4, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: abortion,baby,rape
abortion is a 'tool', sometimes used in haste, sometimes used after much consideration for the welfare of 'ALL involved'.it is a divisive issue. i believe that Dr. A. Theodore's poem and my poem, in response to his, are overly simplistic, but they are both worth reading.i do not believe in God.but even if i did, i might easily support abortion use.feel free to comment.i suggest you read Antony's English language version and Bharati's translation into Odia, to be found in her list of poems.

you don't read Odia? ?neither do i! ! !



p.s. PH at first deleted my words b-u-m [maybe because is can mean
a-s-s in U.K.? ] and s-h-i-t from my i capitalized and separated the letters.that works.b u m means something else to me. here, S H I T refers to waste products given off by a fetus/baby in a womb/uterus and carried away by the umbilical cord i believe.

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James Mclain 04 February 2019

What can be said for the death of a child? I've had two children the first one i adopted out to some very good parent's. Could not even imagine killing him and unborn dreams. Thanks Bri.

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Richard Wlodarski 04 February 2019

A very profound poem, Bri! Deleting those two words would take away from the the poem's full impact. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Excellent write!

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Santosh Misra 16 October 2019

Abortion in rarest case is preferred in the society, but should be banned in my opinion. I have loved reading Madam Bharati, s write up and agree with her concept.

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Tom Allport 13 February 2019

A very sad reality to some? .....of innocents lost in the dark! ........well written Bri

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Savita Tyagi 07 February 2019

I had read Dr Anthony’s poem long time back and still remember it for its excellence and bringing attention to a serious topic. I generally am not for abortion accept in rare circumstances. Rape or danger to mother’s life. Even in those cases it is better to leave the decision to mother father or family members. Governmental or any outside involment just makes things more complicated. Specially in gov’s case it is more about money than the welfare of people involved.

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Douglas Scotney 04 February 2019

you set a good example Bri

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Kumarmani Mahakul 04 February 2019

If no care is given to a baby this provokes thought. and this is so sad. All should take care of children. An amazing poem is beautifully penned in response to poem, I Am Your Baby, Mum, By Dr. Antony Theodore....10

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