Can I Buy Your Love Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

Can I Buy Your Love

Rating: 4.0

Hey girl, can I buy your love
I want you but I’m not rich
I want you but I’m not good looking
My father says, man can’t buy a woman’s love
Unless she loves you
May I ask what love is?
How come no woman loves me
I’ve tried so many times
It’s always a failure
Ended up when she learnt
That I’m not rich
That I’m not educated
That I’m not good looking

What will happen to people like me?
I guess I’d end up married
To the woman who shared
The same fate as me
For, they too have not much choice
To choose

So, what love is?
Could someone define love?
For, I don’t get the right answer
Until I get the right woman
Meaning of love
Would reveal
The truth

Estrella Baldemosa 12 May 2008

buying love or buying a wife? sounds like wholesale prostitution to me...

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Sadiqullah Khan 08 May 2008

it is simply natural selection, , , earn money first, get into the top style and u will find many, , a social reality that existed in all times..

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Always About love 28 April 2008

its deep. i like it tho.

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Kelli Bobo 26 April 2008

wow thats deep...and true

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Shiza Khan 24 April 2008

hey it's a wonderful poem which reflects the reality too.. it's more of a fact put into words..truth captured in fine words.!

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love love love this poem very nicely written

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Vilma Xelin 12 August 2008

maybe we can buy love, but this price can be paid with money... is paid with life! the sad thing is that we can give our life to the loved person, and still we wont own them... unfair, sad, but truth... I guess! lol

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Sarwar Chowdhury 04 August 2008

thoughtful poem indeed.....10+

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Floyd Minami 26 July 2008

lolz love can't be bought but if can be, i save money to buy womans love i think, you wrote that poem base of your story

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Latasha Dixon 13 May 2008

You Can still pursue Your Dream To Find The Right One Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder, She Thinks Your Handsome Money Dose'nt Determine How Rich You Are A Test Dose'nt Deine How Smart You Are

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