Dear All-Traits, Feelings, Events And Elements! Poem by Siddartha Montik

Dear All-Traits, Feelings, Events And Elements!

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Oh Dear Time, would you ever get tired in testing me? ,
for, all I wanted is just not meeting any un-solicited shame!

Oh Dear Honesty, don't encourage me anymore, I shall hold it all for a while,
for, for others, it became surprisingly un-believable!
yet, you my trait dear Honesty, you know we have a deal,
that we never go apart and never end our Love tale!

Oh Dear Fate, would you please care to give different style of knocks? ,
when you show-up with such false hopes, and especially at wrong times?

Oh Dear Luck, I am always surprised on your visits,
for, You never made it to me and left without many sorrys!

Oh my Dear Dreams, I trust you anytime when you come in such eloquence and finesse,
even this time, when you came in a mutated sequence and let me fall in an abyss!

Oh Dear Facts of failure, you sure have every right to mock at me,
but, would you be please, not so loud while shouting at me?

Oh Dear Pessimism, can I request you not to pass by me? ,
for, I didn't yet collect all my whim!

Oh you Dear Death, you cleverly chose to stay away from me,
for, You "again" didn't want to breach the rules in fetching me!

Oh all you Dear Friends and Onlookers, ask me not any questions,
for it is not any puppet show to get you in awe and wonders!

rather, anyone please teach me how to cry in dignified manners!

copyright © Siddartha Montik (Ramesh Kompella)

The time I wrote this poem has some incident sure..but the situations I am in now is so perfect for this Poem! !
Emma Adamyan 23 August 2011

the poem holds sth special inside. a mistic mood between the lines. the sinceriy makes it simple to feel and true to believe. well done work

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Siddartha Montik 26 May 2017

And it is you Poet righte un understood the lineS! !

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Sarah Mkhonza 13 December 2016

The two lined pattern you create gives us something to look for in the second line when the first one has stated how the state of the world you are talking about has been put forth. I love the depth of the issues. I feel the needs of you as a writer and person who has experiences from the past you are drawing from. I also appreciate that you have a message that sets out to argue why you are insisting on the issues to be the way you would like them to be. A very verbose way to express what I found informative about this lovely poem. One of the best poems I have read. I really loved it for it is about our humanity and the way life throws itself on us.

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Siddartha Montik 26 May 2017

What can me bow more than my words and much to your ines Poets? ?

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Jeremy Horsford 31 October 2018

Oh dear death...but for how long I wonder.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 13 September 2018

Siddartha, such a fantastic write..........................

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Bernard F. Asuncion 30 March 2019

Well written poem, sir.......10+++++++++++

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Mahtab Bangalee 29 August 2018

well penned /// Time look at your offspring (Honesty, Fate, Luck, Dream, Failure, Pessimism, Death....) like me all entrap me in glittering But you better know I'm not your step son why your illusion ravishes me on the pregnancy of optimism? ............

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Jeffrey Adegor 25 June 2018

One by one you made it all so interesting good thinking

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Valentin Savin 12 June 2018

Dear Poet, your Traits, Feelings, Events And Elements, as well as Emotions will stay with you. Be patient under adversity. Be happy. Keep writing. Come, read and comment some of my poems. There are not too much of them.

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