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Dear Father! ! ! - Poem by Shahzia Batool

A person, honest,
loving and kind
Save you dear Father
is hard to find;
without your love
there is no way
this life is like
a tragic play.
I pass my time
with no interest,
this world is but
a place of distrust.
No sugar there is,
no salt, no taste,
things are just
an utter waste.
Carefree was I
in your life,
never knew
the pain and strife.
memories are
my only treasure,
in which i seek
my only pleasure.
After you
i lost my Mom
now house looks
like a dismal dome.
May your Home
be really bright
with brilliant,
blissful, heavenly light.

Comments about Dear Father! ! ! by Shahzia Batool

  • Howard 'the motivational poet' Simon (1/4/2014 8:58:00 PM)

    Swimming in the sea of sadness yet with beautiful billows! (Report) Reply

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  • Passionate Reader (6/30/2013 6:16:00 PM)

    May your Home
    be really bright
    with brilliant,
    blissful, heavenly light.

    A beautiful prayer and a great tribute to your father! ! !
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  • Tirupathi Chandrupatla (6/13/2013 1:25:00 PM)

    memories are
    my only treasure
    This is all that a descendant can carry. Nice poem remembering an affectionate father.
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  • Heather Wilkins (5/26/2013 11:11:00 AM)

    A beautiful tribute to your father. I adore your few last lines. I agree amen. lu Shahzia (Report) Reply

  • Allemagne Roßmann (5/16/2013 11:43:00 AM)

    2011 was the year when my father died Little after the start of June.End of an era.Communism coincidentally finished in the state where he married 1977.Though the People with the placards so red were not really communists.They were else.It is an ode to be reckoned as a great obituary Poem for People mourning their lost fathers. (Report) Reply

  • (4/20/2013 7:45:00 PM)

    Death is a great leveller of time. I feel exactly as you- as I have lost my father recently. This is what I feel now
    No sugar there is,
    no salt, no taste,
    things are just
    an utter waste.

    good write +10
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  • Sun Shine (1/25/2013 9:11:00 AM)

    wonderful, all your parents' poems! (Report) Reply

  • Jahan Zeb (1/20/2013 7:10:00 AM)

    It always gives tears to eyes
    but reading your words to morale give rise
    I do feel a good writer and a wonderful person in you.
    Proud of You.
    (Report) Reply

  • Tribhawan Kaul (1/15/2013 11:17:00 AM)

    It is indeed a heartfelt tribute to your father. Till parents are alive, we always feel under their protection like sitting under a banyan tree. But alas nothing is immortal! We all have to face the saddest reality one day. May God give you all the courage to bear the greatest loss. May God rest his soul in peace. (Report) Reply

  • (1/15/2013 8:25:00 AM)

    i have no idea what you have gone through but i know one thing for sure that you are a great writer and wherever you loved one are they are really proud of you...and i really hope i can write like you one day mam
    you are beautiful
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  • Lasoaphia Quxazs (1/14/2013 8:26:00 PM)

    It is a sad thing to loose a loved one, but just remember, they are still living in your heart. In the meantime know that only those people dies who cannot learn anymore in this life, or they learned all they can take in, either way.
    My mother was 56 when I left the country and I never saw her again. At 68 she was dead, but in my mind she is that beautiful woman who I loved and respected, even though she was in real life an alcoholic, sad, frustrated unhappy woman..
    (Report) Reply

  • (1/9/2013 10:38:00 PM)

    Shahzia, as we get older we lose our elders like parents. Death is a great leveller and so we have to search for the sweet faces of kids and children around us and weave our dreams for tomorrow. Your poem is really a tribute to your father and I appreciate your honest confessional tone of speaking over here.
    When I lost my mother when I was just three, I knew nothing and when I lost my father last year I knew everything though not much was there to sadly muse over..... A good write.
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  • Anita Sehgal (12/12/2012 9:27:00 AM)

    touching, under the shadow of our loving parents we truly feel protected.. only memories remain and their blessings! (Report) Reply

  • (12/10/2012 3:21:00 AM)

    This prayer, beautifully written, consoles the heart of those of similar experience. Thanks for the consolation, and may you be comforted- now and always. (Report) Reply

  • Hans Vr (12/7/2012 9:57:00 AM)

    beautiful poem, moving (Report) Reply

  • Vipins Puthooran (12/7/2012 12:23:00 AM)

    a poignant memory/ an excellent poem! ! ! (Report) Reply

  • Rishit Desai (12/4/2012 10:15:00 AM)

    The sense of pathos comes out very beautifully and more importantly the innocence in feelings is what makes the poem even more beautiful. (Report) Reply

  • Valerie Dohren (11/29/2012 1:35:00 PM)

    I lost my mother when I was just 16, and then my father when I was 29. A life without ones parents is hard, so I can relate to this. Good write. (Report) Reply

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