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Delusional Illusion

Rating: 2.6

Humor is your greatest defense
but the irony has had a bitter influence—
it’s turned compassion inside out
renting more space to doubt.
A heart’s reserved for a lover’s voice
not the angry guilt of sour ploys.
Under the guise a constant lacks—
fallen beneath clandestine cracks.
You don’t stand the test of time
situations find the better rhyme.
It wasn’t a long way down is what I’ll report;
in fact the trip was rather short.
Fighting so long to keep out the darkness—
now you’ll never know what you’ve missed.
No one broke you the news:
baby you were born to sing the blues.
One track keeps repeating in your soul—
while it takes a physical toll.
And in your mind the cleverest confusion:
a slowly unfolding delusional illusion.

Kenneth Fordham 14 February 2008

I feel you are describing me in this very well written piece. I think you are better than you think you are.

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Chris Mendros 06 April 2007

can't add much to what Joel said. The lines about the short trip down and the one track that keeps repeating especially resonate w/ me. Might just 'borrow' them one day.... cm

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Will Barber 14 May 2006

This is a powerful, and insightful poem. Only thing that confuses me, is: how did you know that about me? ! I mustn't forget to mention how well it was written.

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Geoff Warden 14 May 2006

I really like this poem I hope what I take from this is what you mean

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David Gerardino 14 May 2006

renting more space to doubt, GREAT LINE

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