Done (C) 2-8-09 Poem by Zahir Kijani

Done (C) 2-8-09

Rating: 5.0

Little Petey always dreamed of playin with the trumpet
But then he was enticed by a dirty little strumpet
As time went on he kept getting older by the second
Then she hurt him so now it was the pill he beckoned for
He had an infection so he traveled to the hospitals second floor
He called for a check up but they couldn’t tell what they were checkin for
Stayed over night and continued in playin Tekken four
The doctors didn’t know him so to him they reckoned poor
The next day he was sent away through the second door
The second his second breath would never be a second more
So was the infection that kept him in this infliction
At it in the attic like an addict in an addiction
He’s done
Now is a once innocent Susan known to her friends as Suse
Her life went to a fray when it was drugs she began to use
Her family tried to help but their facilitation she’d refuse
She thought it was only occasional but science called it abuse
She had no excuse but was excused hoping that she seek refuge
They didn’t realize it till the day she was connected to the tube
But not the boob I mean the cube where all insanity ensues
People it would amuse until her voice she started to lose
She broke out and then she started hangin with crews
Until the fatal night her lights went out from overridin her fuse
She’s done
We see the same cycle but no one bothers to care
We’re done yes my people we’re already there

Copyright 2/8/09 ©® Corey Threet

Shilesha Johnson 20 August 2009

great are such a great writer and i hope you never give up on it... i really enjoyed reading this

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Corey, you've kept it so tragically real - a horrific subject written with such poetic feeling. Great job!

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Paige S 13 April 2009

Great poem about the horror of drug abuse. Nice job!

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Tyease Collins 22 February 2009

This poem is so made me feel so sad inside. I feel so bad for Petey....excellent job Corey =] 10/10 -Tyease

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Suzy .... 19 February 2009

I really like this poem and I think you are a Great Writer. Keep up the Great work!

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Zahir Kijani

Zahir Kijani

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