Dust Of Gold

Rating: 5.0

It never came as dancing flames
To set my heart on fire,
Nor did it come as stormy seas
That filled me with desire.

There was no pounding in my breast,
No tingling down my spine;
But just a sweet exchange of smiles,
Which told me you were mine.

Nor did the moon extend her glow
Upon your countenance -
No stars did ever light your eyes;
Enough that you should glance.

Such passion never touched my soul
That taunts the craving mind;
But just a tenderness within,
I deemed I’d never find.

You did not veil my eyes with mist,
Nor take my breath away.
Just sweet contentment stole my heart;
Now with you, I shall stay.

It came, a shimm’ring dust of gold
Upon my soul to fall -
Transported on a floating cloud,
Forever to enthral.

And now through life I’ll ever walk
With you here by my side -
Forever I will cherish you,
My love and life-long guide.

Sandra Feldman 13 June 2013

Tenderness, my favorite word, how full of it this poem IS! ! ! , Like a soft kid glove or a piece of silk, Val, my hat and heart off to you. A perfect example of the power of words that can reach the soul and leave their imprint

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Chandra Thiagarajan 15 June 2013

A golden poem, Valerie, which touches the heart. As usual your poem is rhythmical and musical and casts a spell on us readers! GREAT!

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Chuck Audette 13 June 2013

Lovely! Love doesn't always announce itself with a party, but comes creeping in sometimes like Carl Sandburg's fog.

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Kavya . 13 June 2013

a vvvvvvvvvvv nice poem...loved it.......Smile, the slighest curve in the face can do wonders! ! !

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Lucifera Santez 18 June 2013

there is only one word-perfect

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Smoky Hoss 08 October 2013

A beautiful text, filled with the tenderness of honest love.

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Meena Mustafa 04 July 2013

Wow! A perfect poem :) The metaphors are just beautiful.Thanks for sharing.

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Kelvin Owusu 22 June 2013

wow, like wow only thing i can say is BEAUTIFUL

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G.R. Gaus 18 June 2013

Some chose of the ego in a mate, others from the heart, this one seems to be of the heart, it is certainly written that way, touching love story Valerie.......

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Paul Butters 18 June 2013

Beautifully understated, so somehow more striking!

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