Each Day Poem by Valerie Dohren

Each Day

Rating: 5.0

Each day I watch the rising sun
Each night, the glowing moon
All time lays heavy on my mind
For you are gone too soon, too soon,
For you are gone too soon.

I count the days that pass on by
Which mark the changing time
But yet I cling to memories
Which tell me you were mine, were mine,
Which tell me you were mine.

It hurts to think that you are gone
When you were ever near
And now the world has lost its charm -
I loved you so my dear, my dear,
I loved you so, my dear.

Your name will rest upon my lips
For all my lifelong days
And I will hold your pictured face
As in your eyes I gaze, I gaze,
As in your eyes I gaze.

Remember me, remember me
If e’er your soul can know -
Down here beneath the shattered sky
I shall not let you go, oh no,
I shall not let you go.

Kanav Justa 16 January 2014

... a beautuful poem on love thats true... he shall always be with you in your heart.. wonderful write...

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Hazel Durham 16 January 2014

True love, so beautifully expressed with such deep emotions that jump from the page with such honesty!

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David Wood 16 January 2014

Lovely poem Val, reminds me of my poem Missing You.

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Lyn Paul 18 January 2014

Amazing Valerie, , the title, it is moving just reading that, the words, the honesty of pain. Absolutely beautiful, Thank you and keep smiling. x ps Heard a beautiful write from Dee telling us about your birthday. Hope your day was special.

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Rubab Atwal 18 January 2014

a beautiful poem, wonderfully expressed, powerful poem about true love

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Susy Evelyne 27 January 2014

Your poem is beautifully honest and touching. Is there perhaps a beauty in sadness not found anywhere else? Not that we would ever wish to know this sadness but when it comes, perhaps it helps to feel it while remembering the one we lost - as you have done so well.

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 24 January 2014

But yet I cling to memories I shall not let you go. Deep feelings expressed in melodious lines.

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Om Chawla 21 January 2014

When you live with such loving memories pain and agony become part of your life. While reading your poem I was reminded of a beautiful Urdu couplet by my poet friend, which would translate as 'In the beginning pain of separation was unbearable; Gradually it has become my companion in life. Lovely poem, Val.

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Amitava Sur 20 January 2014

So soulfully you have written the loss of love & the pain you feel, Valerie - it touched my heart. Only I can say true love is immortal, it will never go. You may read my poem (To meet my love)

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Savita Tyagi 20 January 2014

So very touching and beautiful. Wish we could take the pain away but it is always there by the love in our hearts. Thank you for sharing these heart felt expressions of love and loss.

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