Endymion Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery


Rating: 5.0

Quietly endures
Without anger or reproach
Suffering for my sake.

Takes my hand
Leading me forth
Safe from each burning place.

Sunday, September 28, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: love and friendship
Viola Grey 28 September 2008

be safe with your faith...it is pure....nicely written

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Carissa Mcbride 29 September 2008

although im not very big on christian opetry i think this is a 10. -never abandon your faith it's the last thing to leave you.

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Tess Rockenstire 30 September 2008

Colin Ian Jeffery...there's no other person on earth who could lead our hand..yet suffered for our sake. Our faith will always guide our way...thank your for sharing this great piece. Tess

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Rinzu Susan Rajan 01 October 2008

never let your faith die... its the only entity that leads till the end... :) simple and bful... like a prayer... :)

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Reshma Ramesh 01 October 2008

wow....short sweet and perfect

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Margery Rehman 09 November 2008

Written well with feeling. Simply expressed. Regards, Margery R.

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Elysabeth Faslund 17 October 2008

Your 6-4-6 stanza meter does, indeed, add much to the placement of these cherishing words...Endymion...and what a historical figure/legend for a title! 'without reproach'...this, the most worthy phrase! Indeed! A kind read, a soothing read!

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John Nightingale 06 October 2008

This is moving and comforting. So few words express so much.

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Fiona Davidson 05 October 2008

Beautifully written Colin...perfect what else can I say?

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Cheung Shun Sang 05 October 2008

Very good but quite sad. Again by hugo -my very name endure the cruel doomed. He and you let me think

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