Wake Up! Poem by Sameer Ahmed

Wake Up!

Rating: 4.5

Wake up!
From your unyielding prestige
That made you abortive
And you turned into a nefarious sculpt.

Wake up!
From your morbid thoughts
That made you an introvert
And you became a virulent foe of your own flesh.

Wake up!
And rectify your delusions,
Nurture yourself
To glow again.

Wake up!
And wipe off the smog from your eyes,
Chase the overrated world
To be a paragon.

Wake up!
And don't muddle yourself anymore
A gleam of hope still remains, therefore,
Wake up! Take up! !


Raj Arumugam 04 January 2009

a good call to life...

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Costa Anakiev 14 January 2009

to tell the true, i don't like this word combination 'wake up' as i have to wake up at 5: 25 on weekdays, but i like your work. if you want to smile read my 'Mammy! Wake up! '. konstantin.

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Mamta Agarwal 16 January 2009

life is in living each moment to the fullest- getting out of ourselves is all it takes. lovely10 Mamta

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Raj Nandy 16 January 2009

Sameer, let this be a wake-up call for all humanity! Against all those divisive forces which divide man from men! Comining from a future Doc. it becomes all the more significant! 10! - Raj Nandy

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Vidi Writes 18 January 2009

Let these lines linger in all minds With each clock bit Things around, going beyond control Let this become a Hymn To prompt a recourse.

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Lal Parameswar 15 November 2015

Beautiful work. Wake up all

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Rajaram Ramachandran 09 June 2009

A meaningful wake up call to the sleepng world from the young poet

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Poornima Kanasen 08 June 2009

Dr.Sameer, What more could have been said? Excellent piece, indeed...Very thought provoking lines you have in your poem! Thank you so much for lifting my spirit...I needed that at this moment...Keep up your good work... Lots of best wishes, K.Poornima

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Shiza Khan 08 June 2009

Wonderful poem. just amazing.thnx for sharing !

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Ashraful Musaddeq 07 June 2009

Wonderful with amazing idea. Positive poem with nice message.10+++

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Sameer Ahmed

Sameer Ahmed

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