Gypsy Rose Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

Gypsy Rose

Rating: 5.0

I travled the red glay lands
Holding only hope in my hands
Always heading to the west
Many nights i layed in the dirt to rest
The days were dry on this trail i had chosen
Approach a coach over the horison
Pulled by one strong white steed
And a gypsy princess at the lead
My eyes were playing tricks indeed
Wipping them clean of the dusty air
I seen the gypsy rose in her hair
My inerbishen fell wild and bare
For her angel beauty was rare
Our two lost hearts did not shy
As we fell in love under stars
In the clear dark desert sky

David Threadgold 25 September 2008

Hi There. A very romantic soul has written this peice. well done an enjoyable read. Regards Dave T. **10**

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Pied Piper Berry 25 September 2008

A beautiful poem. Nice job.

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Amber ... 25 September 2008

really good ~Chops~ LOL

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 25 September 2008

Gypsy love beautifully written..........the gypsies elements that matters! !

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Tyease Collins 25 September 2008

Oh i have to know who the inspiration for this one was. This was so excellent. It's not fair of how good of a poet you are -.- lol ^_^ -Tess

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Jim 10 March 2022

What is inerbishen? Just curious. Beautiful poem though, good job!

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Anjali Sinha 04 December 2008

wow! ! ! ! ! ! a gypsy princess at the lead what imagery ++++++10 regards anjali

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*Trusting You* 01 December 2008

I would say this is pretty, or maybe beautiful, but I am afraid that wouldnt cover how neat this poem really is. no it's more like stunning or spectacular. the flow in this is amazing great job. you give your reader so many images. Becca

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Serenity Prayer 08 October 2008

beautiful job. wonderful to read. great job!

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Stacey Watts 26 September 2008

This is a beautiful poem so heartfelt. I am so glad to know the mystery of what your heart desires. Great piece. I bow out giving you a 10..

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