He’s Mine* Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

He’s Mine*

Rating: 5.0

No one asked if you cared
So you can care or not care all you want
Cuase I’m enjoying being his pretty sweet thing

I’m not in line and I don’t have to wait
I’m the first priority and the one who brings in the bait

It’s kind of cute how you rhymed all
Of your jealous call

He doesn’t have to fool
No body but your childish ways

He may be the man with all the words in your lonely corn maze
But he is my man

A real woman, girl please, I am and always will be
Yes I may be young
but age is just a number
A real women is shown on what she gives to her family
Her education
And her LOVER
That is up to him to decide if she is worth enough

A real women is everything a man is not
That is why silly poets say women complete men

Heck if I’m not a real woman then
What is such a amazing man doing with me
Because he’s mine

Anjali Sinha 05 November 2008

ahaaaaaa! ! ! ! ! --pearls you dropped. lovely ++++++10 and A++++ regards anju

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Saint Cynosure 04 November 2008

Because you are worth it...

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Viola Grey 16 November 2008

quite a sting in that tail young lady....I like it!

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 11 November 2008

You can take whatever you want but at the end of the day....will he be yours forever? ? nice piece Rebecca.

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Drake Kinkaid 10 November 2008

Its really good I liked the way you rhymed thought this out A really good one

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Stacey Watts 10 November 2008

You are so right to write this poem. In the grand scheme of things age does not matter when love is involved. I see you are very talented with your writing. Your strength is amazing. If the offer still stands to be friends I would love that. Brilliant piece 10..

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Tyease Collins 08 November 2008

Haha POWER TO WOMEN! ! ! Yes i feel this poem. That's how i feel about my bf haha. I love this poem like a lot. Im gonna add it to my faves ^_^ Tyease

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