His Heart Flooded With Tears Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

His Heart Flooded With Tears

Rating: 3.8

The beating of his heart gurgled
faint with the struggles
Of every night without his true love
His veins cut with shears
Pouring out
No room for the smallest of fears
His heart flooded with tears
All alone with his life's companion gone
Crying with no one to hear
With the light of everlasting hope
of the day his love returns
Once agian
His heart flooded with tears

Greenwolfe 1962 28 June 2008

This is a well-written piece though the flow could and will be better as time goes by. GW62

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DELETED NOW 11 July 2008

that's what happens when u don't cry and let ur self flood u start to drown and then u die...

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A. J. Mckinley 15 July 2008

I think Greenwolfe is wrong. The poem, spoken aloud, gives a great verbal picture. I loved it.

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wild forest- E- 18 December 2009

i really like it. very beautiful... i can tell you put your heart into this one!

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... this poem is beautifully written, with excellent imagery and a tone of endearing sadness and an overwhelming sense of longing. The title fits very well with the flow of the poem, and the idea you captured and emotions you portrayed were well thought out and written nicely here. My favorite lines: The beating of his heart gurgled -faint with the struggles.... just wonderful... i could see everything, feel your pain... your sadness... just everything... really beautiful

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*Trusting You* 26 December 2008

The beating of his heart gurgled faint with the struggles Of every night without his true love nice lines, good image. sooo sad... but I love it! ! ! it is a good one.great job. Purkey Girl

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Miriam Maia Padua 01 December 2008

full of emotions..expressing love to the truest feelings...very sad...infinite longing for someone dear....but who knows what's at the end of the rainbow.? .she is there waiting for you or near is the day she will come back and once again be with you...

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Stacey Watts 20 September 2008

A truly heartfelt sentiment.. It is hard when you are connected to someone and they are gone. I hope she returns and you can be truly happy again.. Life can be difficult at times but one must remember to keep looking for the ship in the horizon. Very good piece....

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