I Love My Job! Poem by Dee Daffodil

I Love My Job!

Rating: 4.9

You may think from the title
That this is a sarcastic poem
But really, I do love my job! !

It teaches me reality
It teaches me of life
It shows me both
The good and bad
Of human nature

I love my job!
I love the fact that each day...
Is someone new to help
Someone new to save perhaps
Or sometimes I'm too late...
And that too is life!

I meet many many people
Throughout my daily tasks
Some like me, some respect me
Some just wish I'd burn in hell!
Most...tolerate me
And realize that I am there for a reason...
It's my job!

I love my job!
It teaches me to count my daily blessings!
To be thankful for what I have
Because so many have so little

I love my job!
It teaches me to value every minute
To seize the day and save the day
And find that life within it!

I love my job!
It teaches me a love of other people...
To look beyond myself
And walk in other's shoes

Have I mentioned yet...
How much I love my job? ? ! !
Because if I haven't...I really should...
Because I do! !

Dee Daffodil (HW) June 29,2007


Lovely to see you so happy Dee and so competent you clearly are at what can be a very stressful job. Love this piece! t x

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Raul Castelan 29 June 2007

This poem reminds me of some of my own. The titles are 'Don't Cry My Child, ' 'Mammy, Pappy, ' and 'Learn, My Dear Friends.' In all cases, this poem is a good one to read. GREAT JOB! ! !

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Josie Whitehead 29 June 2007

How lovely! What a wonderful subject - and how nice to have someone who sounds 100 per cent happy with their day! Congratulations on your poem too.

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'Have I mentioned yet... What my job is! ! Because if I haven't...I really should..' Yes, I want to know! your poem has me guessing from start to finish nurse? doctor? social worker? nun?

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Diane Violet 29 June 2007

I love your poem Dee, very upbeat! Hugs, Diane

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All of the above and it makes me very aware of my own mortality. The only piece I ever wrote about work is 'Weekend Warriors'. Ez X

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Ted Sheridan 29 June 2007

We should all be so lucky...I'd like a job on PH blocking spam and popups...I think I would enjoy that...for about an hour.

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David Taylor 29 June 2007

Dear Dee, You are most fortunate, we should all love our jobs, then we can let our love flow to all we meet everyday. I am struggling with that right now (loving my job) but your Poem is such a good reminder of how it should (even must) be. Thank you. Love from David

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