I Found Her Poem by Dee Daffodil

I Found Her

Rating: 5.0

I found her in a phone booth
Dressed in jammies and a jacket
Eyes brimming with tears
Goose-egg lump on her head
Blood around her mouth
From where he'd popped her

There she was...a frail little thing
Shaking from the cold...
Or from fear...
I never exactly know which

So she told me
That he had done this
Several times before
But she just couldn't take any more
So she'd left...in slippers...she'd left

And I felt the bile that is anger
Rise up in me
And I felt myself thinking
That I could offer a final solution
To all of her problems
And it would be cheap and tidy
Well...ok...maybe not so tidy...

But then my conscience
Got the best of me
And I took her some place safe
And part of me half said a prayer
That maybe in his drunken rage
Buddy might just slip up
And turn his anger on himself...
Instead of on her...
And he would do us all a favour

Dee Daffodil (HW) March 1,2007

C.R. Ebowski 02 March 2007

Ouch...that sounds like my childhood. Sometimes I can still feel the sting. Great write! ! ! !

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Scarlett Treat 02 March 2007

Anyone who has ever been involved with women't shelters and/or child protective agencies (I was a foster mother for years!) knows the heartbreak, and the fact that it goes on and on and on...no end in sight. How direct and to the point your wish for 'Buddy' is. However, it never turns out that way, does it? Well written, Dee.

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Original Unknown Girl 02 March 2007

Dee you really bring the chill of this story to life.... you painted a very vivid picture for us to watch from the safety of our own homes - no mean feat! Great poem. HG: -) xx

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Geoff Warden 02 March 2007

Well done Dee, this poem touches the depths of all, touchy subject handled well.

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Zen Bojczuk 02 March 2007

A touching poem. Luckily there are still people who care. Good work Dee. Zen

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Francesca Johnson 11 March 2007

A passionate and anger-provoking write here Dee. I'm with you every step of the way. A great write but oh so sad. Love, Fran xxx

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Barry Van Allen 07 March 2007

Dee, The good news is: You found her. The better news is: She was there to be found, all on her own. The best news is: A first step has been taken toward tomorrow!

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Diane Violet 07 March 2007

Thank God you did. You write and express yourself so well...yes, if we could be 'untidy' at times like this..... Hugs, Diane

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Duncan Wyllie 06 March 2007

Dear Dee This is such a pulling write, if you haven't already done so please could you take the time to read 'How Many Knocks/' it is on a similer theme Love duncan X

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Chuck Audette 06 March 2007

I like the dark humor of the 'not so tidy' line, and the statement of the poem, overall.. -chuck

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