I Will Allow... Poem by Dee Daffodil

I Will Allow...

Rating: 5.0

I will allow myself
To wallow in that muck
Called self pity

I will allow myself
To sink below the surface

I will allow myself
To be swallowed up by anger
And yell and scream,
And punch (inanimate objects of course)
And run for miles
Until I drop

I will allow myself
The bitter taste of anger

I will allow myself the grief
That surely comes

I will allow myself the tears
That burn my cheeks

I will allow myself
To shrink into a crumb
And get swallowed by that vortex of despair.

I will allow myself these things
Because I care...

But I will only allow
Them for five days, and no longer
Because even I have limits

And when I rise from those flames
That once had singed me
I shall soar again
As high as once before
For this spirit that's within
Cannot be broken
So you'd better take your best shot...
If you dare! !

Dee Daffodil (HW) 12 February,2007

Ted Sheridan 12 February 2007

I love a good attitude! You certainly display one with this. No quit!

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Impossible Princess 12 February 2007

Love this poem, there are shadows of Still I rise by Maya Angelou, always love a fighting spirit. Great poem. IP x

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Tranquil Ocean 12 February 2007

I can see a never dying spirit....Love it! ! ! ! ! TO

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C.R. Ebowski 12 February 2007

Dee.....I love it. Excellent poem!

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Diane Violet 12 February 2007

Awesome poem Dee....love it!

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Duncan Wyllie 29 April 2007

For this spirit that's within Cannot be broken A stead-fast and spiritualy brilliant piece of rising from the ashes, AWESOME LINES, DEE Love duncan X

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C.R. Ebowski 24 February 2007

This reminds me of the phoenix, stark with emotion yet when all is lost, it reinvents itself and rises from the fire. Very nicely written.

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Esther Leclerc 20 February 2007

That's right, feelings and loss have got to be balanced with action and recovery! Fight on, Dee... Est : ]

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As I was reading this I was formulating comments which you answered as I read further. I completely agree. It's the best way to be if you can. You have to feel these things to know what it feels like. Oh waiter! Another large slice of life please! Ez

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Ted Sheridan 19 February 2007

The poetry you write makes me feel like I know something about you....that is always a good thing when we discover there is more to someone than just a name. I admire your honest approach.

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