If I Ever Live Again Poem by Tunji Ibrahim

If I Ever Live Again

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Mother, father... you both relished the words of a soothsayer who grandly described me as the fave and mirror, and my reflection be kept safe, lest the devil's eyes pierce through. Being signs of comfort engendered by destiny, labour pains eluded you mother, forfending a difficult womb to carry me during and after gestation. My arrival comforted you. Father pecked you on the cheek graciously and said the light has come to shine, and you both released a sigh of relief. No sooner had a month added a day to my earthly sojourn than I lapsed into serious illness. The soothsayer's voice was raised again like a largo riddled with lamentation: You have fain named Ifa a liar for you have blown the child's birth even too loud. Your joy should flow inwards into your own soul. The devil's eyes have pierced through the mirror. You have mixed your salt with soil. You have taken stones for silver and gold. Thus, without more ado, let echt bean cakes be prepared for children of underage; kola nuts, salt, palm oil and a mother goat all put together and be sacrificed to appease the angry gods. The sacrifice would have come to pass had I not breathed my last breath early enough. Mother wailing, weeping, lamenting, and father in his own anguish appealing for calm, patting mother consolingly. They have laid me down and buried me in white cloth, and with all the sacrificial demands as though to guarantee immediate resurrection. Now here in my beautiful silent grave, I have entered fully into their pathos, praying, seeking divine remediation... Lord, make me the rain to wash away mother's tears. Make me the strength on father's shoulders to carry mother high and bear me again. And if I ever live again, make me an unending comfort and healing to their souls.

Asif Andalib 16 October 2012

A beautiful poem indeed. A tragedy that we don't want. A heartfelt appeal to our Lord.

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Romeo Della Valle 02 November 2012

Powerful and Touching! A real reservoir of meaningful and rich imagery that I can Identify with 100%! Your honest words give you away! Beauty and talent magically blended in this amazing write! A little of everything is embedded in this thought provoking write! 10+++ Thank you for sharing and keep it up! God Bless You! Romeo-New York City

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Aung Si 18 November 2012

Awesome pen flowing! make me an unending comfort and healing to their souls. I love these verses.Well done! This is 10.

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Poetheart Morgan 07 October 2012

You brought me tears to my eyes. So much beauty, sadness, love and solidarity! 'm Really speechless! ! Thank you for sharing with me, an honor!

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Valerie Dohren 29 December 2012

Beautiful write - I echo the words of Sunprincesss here.

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Gwenevere Cornwell 05 December 2012

I just read tis, and I must admit that I am utterly speechless. I was very moved by this piece of literature, and I found it to be full of love and loss, as well as a desire to do more to help another. It is very selfless, as you don't grieve over loss of life, but instead for the parents who lost you. This is very emotionally touching. I thank you for inviting me to read this. G

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Jahan Zeb 27 November 2012

This very fantastic. It is interesting and one decides to read it after one reads the title. Wonderful imagery and you took nicely to the ends. I liked it. Lord, make me the rain to wash away mother's tears. Make me the strength on father's shoulders to carry mother high and bear me again Very touching.

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Babatunde Aremu 19 November 2012

This poem reveals the belief and culture of the people. Great imageries were employ to drive home the theme. Great write

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Hazel Durham 18 November 2012

Amazing poignant write with great imagery and a great sense of loss, but also remembering your parents left behind, asking our Lord to comfort and ease their pain. Inspired write! !

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Tunji Ibrahim

Tunji Ibrahim

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