If Only I Could… Poem by asma bahrainwala

If Only I Could…

Rating: 5.0

If only I could
Go back in time,
I would relive
All the happy moments
That I spent with you,
My dear friend.

If only I could
Capture those memorable moments
In stills,
I would cherish and preserve them
In the archives of my memory
For all times to come.

If only I could
Bring time to a standstill,
I would freeze it at this moment
And never let go off you,
My dearest friend—
An inseparable part of my self.

Preeti - is here! 25 December 2006

This is lovely, Asma! Nirmita is soo lucky, maybe you are too! Preets

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Brian Dorn 24 December 2006

It would be wonderful to be able to literally relive our fondest moments... over and over. Great write, Asma! ! Brian

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Joshua Fegley 23 December 2006

Beautiful...very beautiful Asma. Take care.

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Peter A. Crowther 23 December 2006

A lovely tribute to a friend

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Diane Violet 23 December 2006

Wonderful write Asma, if only time stood still............All the best, Diane

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Ana Monnar 06 September 2007

Your poem is heart-felt and beautiful.

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 18 February 2007

another excellent work... Sounds like a great friend... Asma 10

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GreenEyes- Amor 03 January 2007

Friendship is the life ((a friendship is someone who know the song in your heart and can sing it back to you, when you have forgotten the words)) .

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Raghavan Warrier 29 December 2006

Excellent poem Asma. True feelings expressed in a beautiful way.

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Cecil (cj) Krieger 26 December 2006

How sad and powerful memories cam be... and of course, how wonderful! Excellent!

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