Inside The Circle Poem by Anil Kumar Panda

Inside The Circle

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I live within a circle
Drawn by my forefathers
To keep me safe and vigilant

Sometimes strangers come
Try to pull me out giving
Assurances- false and enticing

Many a time I long
To fly away straight to
Unknown realms where
I may flourish and expand
By redrawing a greater circle

Dr Dillip K Swain 31 May 2023

The distant mountains look so beautiful. I love your safe and vigilant first stanza. The second stanza is about false assurance and the third stanza is all about lofty dreams that travel on the wings of doubts and uncertainties! A thoughtful poem. POD! Many congratulations! !

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Denis Mair 31 May 2023

Dr. Dillip Swain's analysis of this poem is excellent.

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Denis Mair 31 May 2023

Native Americans sometimes use a circle to describe the shared values of their community. At the same time, they consider it to be a dispensation bequeathed by a higher power. I wrote about this in my poem A NATIVE ELDER TOLD ME.

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Denis Mair 31 May 2023

Your poem poses tantalizing questions. Can a circle be knowingly drawn by an individual, or must it be drawn by society's collective mind? You succeed in presenting deep concepts in straightforward language.

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Richard Wlodarski 31 May 2023

Such a magnificent poem, Anil! Heartiest of Congratulations on this very well deserved POD! May your redrawn circle continue to be ever-expanding!

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Nabakishore Dash 02 June 2023

Congratulations to u Sir for Pod.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 01 June 2023

Most deserving s The Member poem of the day. Congratulations on the choice of PH, Anil Sir. So well stated thoughts and summing up the possibilities Top Marks!

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S H 01 June 2023

Congrats for POT and Full Stars with all appreciation from my side.

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Rajan T Renganathan 01 June 2023

Congratulations first for POTD. This is wonderful poem.

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A very meaningful poem. Sometimes we intend to stay in the circle that has been handed to us and there are times that we try to modify it. Brilliant thoughts nicely presented. Top marks! !

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