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Is It Rude To Send A Message To Heaven?

There are so many times
when I see somebody that is old
I mean............very old
and the first thing I think of is............
''Can I give you a message
to take to my dad? ''

I have never had the nerve
to actually ask them.
But I want to.

Then, when they die......
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David Gerardino 27 November 2005

MARY, great poem, i can see every word, and feel it to.

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Uriah Hamilton 27 November 2005

What an interesting idea, maybe God will slip the note for you, Mary, I hope so!

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Donna Nimmo 27 November 2005

A very beautiful poem. It touched my heart.

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Brian Dorn 06 April 2006

Mary, that's never even crossed my mind... but what a wonderful idea! Hope you get up the nerve someday. It really is a beautiful sentiment. Brian

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Becky Ginn 31 March 2006

Hi Mary, I love this poem. It is great and exactly the way I feel. Keep up the brilliant writing. All the best and keep those fingers moving. Lots of love....Becky!

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Lizzy Tomlinson 26 March 2006

Brought a tear to my eye Mary. Took me back to some~thing I asked my husband when we knew he was going to die. Big (10) . Lizzy.

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Tony Jennett 07 December 2005

Would gladly take such a message Mary -I'm about ready to go but I'm afraid I won't be going where your dad is TJ

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Ernestine Northover 28 November 2005

Gee, there must be a P.O.Box somewhere that delivers that way surely. Clever poem Mary, it really is a thought! ! ! Love Ernestine XXX

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