My World Poem by Kelvin Owusu

My World

Rating: 4.0

My mind's a mess,
Scrambled by the thought of you
A feeling towards that I can't define
The heart of mine, you
Because the soul's whole, you
It would be a crime
A life, any life without.

Doubts? Never
I do, but not forever
Is not enough
Existence beyond the next plane
I will, even if you stop

Christina Williams 27 August 2012

I like this poem. I like that you convey that you're mind is messed up and you have doubts about moving foward, but you still won't stop.

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 27 August 2012

Very well, this is so nice, especially the meaning well done.!

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Ngwa Louis 27 August 2012

short great poem. keep it up

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Stevie Taite 27 August 2012

Totally get your anguish and pain! Feelings transcend beyond culture, beliefs, conditioning etc! We feel them There fore they are not invisible. We have to deal with them, but try to cause the least pain for everyone involved, including ourselves!

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 23 September 2012

I like this, Kelvin, how you define your world with the character you and the determination not to stop defining and loving...

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Unwritten Soul 02 September 2012

A fusion of emotion and freedom, telling all from heart with one intention, such a good one for a good write..keep it up_Unwritten Soul

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Nader Baheri 01 September 2012

wow.too philosophical.that's the nice one i've ever read. tnx

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Ramdas Bhandarkar 29 August 2012

wonderful lines.. Reminding of immortal words of. 1. By Rabindranath Tagore, Faith is that bird, sing much before the dawn, 2.Rumi There is plane above good and bad, I will meet you there, 3. Nisargadatta maharaj Knowledge says I am nothing, Love says I am everything, Between my life flows! Thank you!

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 27 August 2012

I like this Kelvin, the focus on the as your world and that around this person in the poem your thoughts and heart are captured.

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