Adeline Foster

Instructor of poetry, Hagerstown, MD
Adeline Foster
Instructor of poetry, Hagerstown, MD
Saturday, September 7, 2013

. Leave Leaves

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.Leave Leaves

A wind bespoke the silent morn
And shuddered trees that stood half shorn,
So all the leaves came tumbling down
Ablaze with red and gold and brown,
And yellow flecked the carpeted ground
With pattern never loom could mold;
Nor decorator's album told
Such tapestry of mottled gold.

Across that carpet laid so neat
Came scurrying, hurrying little feet
To pick the nuts that lay half hid,
The acorn with its flowery lid
And other treasures there amid
The carpeting of an autumn day.
What a shame I could not stay
But duty called me - and away.

I turned to gaze back at my lawn
And found the lovely colors gone.
Instead a rake and drudgery
Were scattered there awaiting me.
I strained my brain in hope to see
A remnant of the beauty lurk
Beneath the leaves. A useless search
For all I saw was work, work, work.
Adeline Foster
Topic(s) of this poem: autumn,poem
Clarence Prince 29 May 2014
Beautiful are leaves, but when they are falling, it just work!
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Mihaela Pirjol 27 May 2014
I love this great poem, rich with imagery.
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Lee Mack 27 December 2013
great and lucid too
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Patricia Grantham 17 December 2013
Sometimes I would like to leave the leaves alone and enjoy the beauty of the different colors that makes for a good blend. But then sad to say it eventuall becomes a thick carpet and just as you say work, work, work! . And then it's time to get out the rake, rake, rake.
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Khairul Ahsan 25 November 2013
A beautiful poem.10/10. My instant feelings: 'Oh fallen leaves! I belong to thee. Days come, days go, I feel her breath, In the light Autumn breeze, And wait, to join her, And thee.'
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Smoky Hoss 16 October 2013
A moment of magical mystery to save in the memory...
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Lorraine Colon 21 September 2013
I enjoyed your poem, Adeline. If only we could command the leaves to leave! They are beautiful, but oh, so much work. They are already falling here in Missouri, but I get them with the lawnmower. But when they start coming down seriously, that's another story. Time to get out the rake.
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Whisperkwane Lamb 18 September 2013
carpet at my home...I adored those little squirrels as my grandkids...and then the work...with love...I love the way you looked backed as if...i look in the front or livingroom at the children playing...and then they are more hurrying little feet cheerful and colorful views...thank you for my seeing
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Diana Van Den Berg 16 September 2013
I lost myself in the magical beauty of this, and related to it, so completely, with two minor exceptions - those being that I love working in my garden, and that I don’t rake up leaves because my garden is (literally) a small indigenous forest in South Africa, and fallen leaves form its rich living carpet and nourish the soil. My back garden (not forested) has a lawn and only 3 trees, one dead, and the two living ones which are not deciduous (as few are in Durban – our winters are not cold enough) and so few leaves fall – but even those, I don’t rake, and one being an Aloe bainsii (a tree aloe) , its leaves are huge and so I eventually do pick them up and take them away, with sadness. I adored those little squirrels you “saw” – we don’t have any here, except in the Southwest Cape, a corner of the country far away from where I live, and by strange co-incidence, my manfriend (in the USA) recently sent me a photo of two in his garden. You rhyme with excellence, as few do in current times. I will, when time allows, and sometimes, when it doesn’t, be reading more of your poetry.
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Mary Forrester 14 September 2013
Oh such an absolutely beautiful poem, I so much enjoyed reading it. Thank you.
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