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Men In Love.

Rating: 4.4

It seems to depend on inherent traits
As to whether a man is skilled in word.

A British male, when in love, hardly states
His romantic intentions aloud. Curved
Into his ego is subtlety. Mimes
Which indicate passion by gesture. Acts,
Rather than speech help him manhood define.

Whereas the Latin blood shouts out the fact
That his body's on fire with French desire,
Or Italian man, whose gestures begin
At first breath, with romantic 'savoir faire'
Proclaims his great love with what might have been
'Stage-rehearsed', - - as Valentino declared.

But the shrewd British bloke prefers silence.
Displays of extravagance cut no ice
In his book, he merely nods or winks, hence
His partner learns discernment, which is nice
If she prefers the strong, silent type.

The gastrosexual Alpha male, of course
Can be of any breed. His passion rightly
Lies with food, so he takes cooking by force.
His love lives there, which he proves, nightly.

Men in love cannot be taken lightly.! ! !

Juneil Sechico 11 April 2009

I don't know 'bout British, French, latino whatsoever....All I know, when I'm in love, my stomach is filled with butterflies....Nice piece know a lot 'bout men! i enjoy reading it...

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to me i am a mix of them all.. i love this piece.

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Fiona Davidson 09 April 2009

There are of course exceptions to this rule lol...but on the whole me thinks you have it about right in this wonderful tongue in cheek write Fay...10+++

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Bob Blackwell 09 April 2009

Men in love with who....S?

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Kevin Wells 09 April 2009

Can't argue with any of that!

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Deva De Silva 16 April 2009

Witty and worldly... I'd have one of each! Loved it...

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Alison Cassidy 14 April 2009

This is such a playful little piece Fay with your hallmark mix of tongue in cheek and good ole commonsense. The final line makes a bright and breezy coda and the rest of the poem flows with just the right blend of the lyrical and the descriptive. Gorgeous poem. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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very inquisitive and straight to the point great job

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T S 13 April 2009

Bravo Fay I am with you every step of the way.. What is it with British Men who seem unable to voice their feelings... unless it involves Food, Sport or Beer 10 ++ (think I many have sent this twice)

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Bonnie Collins 11 April 2009

What a clever write, and so enjoyable. Your structure is so good, and the flow of humour at the end really placed the whole poem into perspective... Very nice job...

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