My Ideal Son Poem by Rekha Mandagere

My Ideal Son

Rating: 4.0

You are not only my ideal son but also my inspiration!
You have inspired me to scribble my imagination
It is my pleasure to share every conception
Never put break, which leads to destruction.
Please respond to me with all devotion.
Ever forget the fact- which brought us closer, is our great emotion!

Santosh Sharma 07 February 2011

A great feeling, a devotion and attachment towards the lovely son

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Marcus Mckinley 15 February 2011

in the eyes of the mother a son. in the eyes of another a gift. in the emotions of the heart a blessing.

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Theresa Moore 16 February 2011

Proud mother... nice poem

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Sally Plumb Plumb 22 February 2011

I have a son who is dear to me.

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Cristina Teodor 06 March 2011

The bond mother son is beyond our understanding, such powerful connection, even words are ever not enough to describe it. Very nice poem Rekha...Cristina Teodor

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Khairul Ahsan 20 May 2016

A great inspirational poem. Loved it. You wrote this poem 5 years ago. How big is your son now?

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Vinod Kumar 11 July 2011

Great Motherhood... in built reality.. nice flow of cool cascade,

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Cristina Teodor 04 May 2011

The indestructible connection between a mother and her son, a bond that is beyond our understanding, or imagination, 'a great emotion'. Nice poem, Rekha..Cristina Teodor

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Unwritten Soul 20 March 2011

Great Ma never push her son, Great ma always create ideal environment surround child because for Ma as long as a child belong to her, she always has power to make the child and accept the child in proper way...lead a window to let sunshine enter the space of few words can tie few bonds_Soul

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Dave Dafes 19 March 2011

An amazing dedication to God's Gifts... Beautiful poem and flow

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