My Last Lover Poem by Kesav Venkat Easwaran

My Last Lover

You, the damsel of divine dark love,
Never I knew your ardent love!
Inconspicuous you remained
These many years on the wait
To come out of your hide
Uncalled unaware here

One leg firm on earth
The other- i knew not- elsewhere
I saw you there that day
Beside the foot of my cot-
The shadow spread of Death!
Memories now unfold.

Throwing ropes thy corner eyes
Tightly tie me to bed,
Thy snow cold body clings
To mine, kiss bears no warmth,
Frozen fingers touch my arms,
I felt; come, you beckoned

I kept my nerves, aroused not
Nor responded to thy call
My reply was a frozen stare
You left disheartened, sad;
I hate thee not, you gloom faced girl!
Now go, I’ll woo you one day glad
Let me finish my life’s drinks all,
Wait till their intoxication lasts

Kesav Easwaran 04 January 2009

'await' also is obsolete...poetry is different from prose, Shanmugam...'on await' was relpaced by 'on the wait'...what harm is there!

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Fiona Davidson 08 January 2009

Beautiful words here...thank you for sharing it

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Sumita Datta 09 January 2009

wow! ! lovely pice Kesavji...

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Salu Salu 18 January 2009

hate thee not, lady gloom faced! Now go, I’ll woo you one day glad Let me finish my life’s drinks all, Wait till their intoxication lasts... bravo..... what a bravery.....rather friendly to the conqueror.. it's too intoxicating too dear kesavji, a good peom indeed. rgrds/salu

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Sebastine Humaemo 26 January 2009

ohhh how sweet...........this poem made me to think about the hidden feelings n ur write.......the line ...'you, lady of divine dark love.......'....passionate and adorable way in describin ur girl.........can be said a blessed line fr sure.......loved te way yu penned t.......sebastine 10+++ fr sure...

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 28 February 2020

An excellent and one of a kind write. Thought provoking and powerful. Death is not always welcome. Yet, it will always come in God's own time. Beautifully crafted by a brilliant mind.

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Luz Hanaii 24 May 2019

Kesad, This is a superb penning, I love the subdued elegance in which you describe this dark lady, welcome by some but not all. Big 10+++

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Sreejith Kulaparambil 08 October 2009

splendid piece of art.....i loved the unique way in which u have potrayed it (death) as your lover which i saw thru my eyes as a guest..... very creative piece sir...

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Rachel Butler 20 September 2009

Never I knew your ardent love Inconspicuous you remained Rachel Ann Butler

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Duh Huh 01 August 2009

Wonderful Kesav, what a way to put that dark lady in her place. Cheers to you my friend. To life and love. Thank you for sharing with us :)

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