My Spawn Poem by Esther Leclerc

My Spawn

Rating: 5.0

Part I:

I'm the mother of four wonderful spawn
Of whom I look fondly upon
But I'm not very glad
When they fart as one lad
T'is then that I wish they were gone

Part II:

My three boys will be leaving me soon
Then the sun will go out with the moon
As my heart fills with gall
I won't function at all
'Til someone makes me laugh like a loon

Part III:

My daughter is a sight to behold
Her hair is milk chocolate and gold
She draws like a genius
Is sweet; sometimes mean, yes *
But she'll not soon depart from the fold

(9.15.06 - *I couldn't resist the rhyme. She is 13 yrs. old and o-cca-sion-al-ly cranky, esp. with the aforementioned brothers tho' they DO enjoy their bonding rituals. However, that noted in Part I is an abject lie; only the boys are skilled enough to participate. TOO skilled by far, if you ask me, grumble. But if it keeps 'em off the streets...)


Esther - witty, perfect structure, overflowing with maternal fondness; well done indeed! Love your cute protective endnote. t x

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 16 September 2006

WELL DONE ESTHER, my dear....humorous, inventive, enjoyable! '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR

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Chuck Audette 16 September 2006

Ha! Keep them boys away from the beans! Gas masks for the ladies in the house? As long as you can still keep typing... - chuck

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R H 17 September 2006

Esther, amongst the wonderful humour, each limerick is underpinned with such love and warmth. Tender, funny and thoroughly enjoyable! Justine :)

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Danny Reynolds 19 September 2006

Yee hah, an welcome y'all to Ester Leclerc's Theme Restaurant, where every night's theme is 'Blazing Saddles! ' Funny and warm at the same time Est. Danny

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Dee Daffodil 23 January 2007

I love this poem...Sad that your boys will soon depart, but I know that they'll always stay in your heart... Hugs, Dee

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Duncan Wyllie 23 September 2006

I am one of four boys, my mum used to say that she would have loved a girl This is great fun and an insight into family life Thankyou Love duncan X

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Alison Cassidy 22 September 2006

Esther, I love your tale of your four Mr. Fartingtons (the term our family coined for producers of family flatus) . Charming and humorously penned, esp the 'milk chocolate and gold' line. Loved it. Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Scarlett Treat 22 September 2006

Being the mother of three who learned to 'farkle' and leave 'farkleberries' behind, like Easter eggs to be found by the next unexpecting person to walk through a room, I cracked up over this one....and although they have all left, now they bring me their little 'farklers' to care for!

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Brian Dorn 19 September 2006

Simultaneously amusing and endearing... well done, Esther! How about they collaborate and write one about mom! ! Brian

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