Naxals Give Us Wounds Poem by survi sharma

Naxals Give Us Wounds

Rating: 4.2

When you are under
your sleep, and sweet dream,
at that moment,
do you know what is
happening in some regions
of chhattisgarh, jharkhand,
west bengal, maharashtra and
madhya pradesh and others.
naxallites are on the killing spree.
they kill and we are killed.
are they eccentric, as doing so,
and i ask, people live in fears
their lives are at stake,
they are living on the tip of gun,
and all of a sudden, bomb blasts,
and we only see on television
having a cup of tea, sometimes
in newspapers, reading goes-
ten people killed in the naxallite attack,
my god, ten people! They were humans,
they were innocent, they were helpless.
the only mistake of theirs is that
they are living in one of these states.
naxals are not humans, devil they are
their demands have no value, in my eyes.
do you want to eradicate it?
as they are the slur on the face of India.
i want my india back, the perfect condition,
i wish, it may happen one day, with my eyes open.

David Wood 20 June 2013

Hi Survi, I like your poem very much.

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Abhishek Mishra 20 June 2013

U r poetess with superb writing skill..again very nice poem on social issue.

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Pradip Dasgupta 20 June 2013

i am from naxal affected area and i know the pain of people.hope they come into mainstream.

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Heather Wilkins 05 August 2013

I am same as Thomas no knowledge on the subject.

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Hazel Durham 22 June 2013

Powerful poem Survi, I would like to know why they are they on a killing spree? It is so wrong what they are doing to innocent people!

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Ramesh Rai 21 June 2013

I agree with Mr. Dinesh Nair.We need to change our social eqution.But after all we (the innocent people) are being victim of this evil deed.Good attempt Survi to bring back. The govt. is also taking help of gun to eradicate inatead of giving them a support to lead a peaceful life.

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Abhinav Sharma 21 June 2013

are you so sure they are wrong

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Simran Arora 21 June 2013

I nvr hv facd yor words made me realsd d fear....nic 2 read more of d poems.

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