Ode To The Poet Poem by Walterrean Salley

Ode To The Poet

Rating: 4.8

Gifted child. Inspired one,
Whose soul dines in solitaire—
Endowed with inspiration
That he alone can share—
Of cherished thoughts
To warm the heart
And challenge the mind.

The poet's appeal to all
Is simply 'come and dine.'


Rajendran Muthiah 21 January 2012

The poet is the gifted child whose soul dines in solitaire! Wonderful!

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Dave Walker 29 January 2012

A beautiful poem. A really great write.

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Katherine Val 29 January 2012

beautiful. just beautiful. nice choise of words

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Lawrence H 30 January 2012

a good poem on poets' thoughts..we need inspiration like this one to create more poems.

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Joseph Anderson 18 May 2012

You set the table, set it fine and I will gladly come and dine on your dear poetry, anytime

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Lawrence H 19 March 2012

good inspired poems for poets..10/10

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Danny Draper 09 March 2012

Come and dine, indeed, covers it all. Well said.

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Marvin Brato 09 February 2012

Succinct thought about poets, well-penned!

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Efran Menny 31 January 2012

wonderful poem for poets.this should be the basis for every poet sorta like a beginners guide to successful writing because sometimes writers block hinders creativity but you finely clarified the poets vision in his poems and the bond the reader shares with the poem

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