Off From Our Lands! Poem by Siddartha Montik

Off From Our Lands!

Rating: 4.5

know not why we ran away from home lands,
know not how to fit in the new lands!

in the depths of our hearts still there must be a beat,
that no one cares to understand or to repeat it!

it is only we feel the pain of it all,
yet.. it is all hard to find some one to make it full-fill!

we are lost nomads from home lands off a cause for sure,
but surely were not on our way to conquer!

still holding on those lost strands of that culture,
we sure have so much to offer in all this mixture!

give us a little space too here, of a life,
for we never really make someone unsafe!

seems like in the very nature of our ancestral culture,
just to make sure that every life gets it's nurture!

(in respect to Roma and their history)

Anju Addanki 29 October 2009

This piece of work is a very ture one.

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Siddartha Montik 25 October 2016

It is a piece of true History from western India Anju!

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Connie Tallada 01 November 2009

i can feel the message of this poem...i can fully realte since our history complement with it

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Alf Hutchison 02 November 2009

You convey the complex emotions of moving to a foreign land beautifully Alf

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Jenna Kelley 08 November 2009

I love the way you used words to tell the emotions of moving it was very good!

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Nudershada Cabanes 27 February 2018

People ran away froom their homelands for many different reasons. A well penned poem.

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Sochukwu Ivye 22 October 2017

Great effort. Well rhymed and thought. 10+++

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Resh Kav 19 June 2017

The beat of native lands always in our hearts. Great poem sir

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Rod Mendieta 09 January 2017

Loved the subdued plea: very poignant, all lines charged with deep emotion. Wish I could open up like that and let emotions pour out when I write a poem, but I'm more like a fortress, content with merely hurling little snippets of cerebral musings over the battlements.

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Edward Kofi Louis 19 November 2016

Nature! ! Unsafe. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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