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Pillow Talk 3 - Poem by Classy Boomdata

Its like wakin up in da mornin at sunrise, wen da rays hit ur face and yu sliqhtly open ur eyes. Yu bein here was like a blessin tu me & dere was no otha place I'd rather be. I loved yu from day one & neva had I lied tu yu & intentions were fa me tu forever be true tu yu but I don't undastand why yu did wat yu did tu me yu claimed yu loved me but yu showed it tu me unfaithfully. But qratefully I was worthy tu love me without ur helf & truthfully I can be betta off by myself. Cuz I trusted yu and did wateva it was dat yu asked of me so I can qiv yu all of me so faithfully but yu broke me down & wen I hit da qround yu were no around & yu were nt tu be found. But fa sum odd reason I still love yu tuday in any shape form & fashion of anyday; its hard fa me tu escape frum da fire, da love & deciet that I received frum a liar. But true love never dies so they say but I'm hopin dis shxt dies tuday-Classy <3

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 3, 2010

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