Poetic Envy Poem by Joseph Anderson

Poetic Envy

Rating: 5.0

The poets found here on this site
Just turn my envy green;
There's Smoky, Juan, sweet Adeline
And prolific Walterrean.

And here resides this pirate man,
I believe they call him Capt;
When he picks up his pen to write,
Ahoy! He is very apt.

There is this sweet, fair English dame
Known by the name of Heather,
I think could write on any theme
In any kind of weather.

Another hails from U. K.land
And Valerie is her name;
Her deep, profoundness stirs my soul.
She's in my hall of fame.

In writing, I can't make the team
But, if someday I should,
I'll study these and many more
Because they're very good.

A little light-hearted banter

Valerie Dohren 13 June 2012

You most certainly do make the team Joseph, your writing is brilliant. Thank you for the recognition, you make me feel very humble. Keep on with your great work, I am always on the lookout for your submissions.

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Heather Wilson 13 June 2012

Oh, Mr. Anderson (Sir) , I believe you are team leader, what a wonderful poem you put together about many of us on P H, thank you so much, it really was a clever piece of work.

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Walterrean Salley 13 June 2012

Joseph, I can only say that I'm surprised and speechless. How precious. With humble thanks. And you, sir, are an amazing poet. With all due respect, you're the trailblazer here. 10

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Captain Cur 15 June 2012

The Captain is a man of honor and will always return a plug. Never treasure, however. Great poem. I agree many great writers on this site. I have been greatly inspired by prowling their pages. Edification is the means to glorification. I have no idea what that means, but it rhymes. Good writing, keep that quill inked.

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Smoky Hoss 15 June 2012

- Joseph, at the Top of the list resides one you here failed to mention: Joseph Anderson... we simply call him FRIEND. You're a wonderful writer, and a superb human being. Thanks for the beautiful poem...

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Ruby Honeytip 22 November 2012

And then....Hello.... there's Ruby Honeytip; -) Haha....just wanted to be mentioned on the same page is all! Midnights Voice...and Lyn Paul...also beyond excellent btw.

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Eman Obied 05 August 2012

what a beautiful poem! you turned envy to a beautiful feelin! 10

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King Big Head 29 June 2012

My servant left the e off write, I am sorry about this, he will be punished. Don't let it come between us, I look forward to my poem, I know it will be an honour for you to write it. The King.

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King Big Head 29 June 2012

I like this but you forgot to put my name at the top of your list. you can't write a poem like this and not put the king at the top. I am the best poet in the world. I will forgive you. I bet you was going to writ one telling everyone how good I am. OMG thankyou, I look forward to reading it. The King.

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Hans Vr 22 June 2012

Very nice poem for. The poet friends you mention truly deserve it. But so true, what smoky writes, you are definitely in the list of superb poets as well. I like the rhyming very much in your poetry and more still the very interesting content

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