Poetic Virus (Povid-2020) -Humorous And Satiric Poem by M. Asim Nehal

Poetic Virus (Povid-2020) -Humorous And Satiric

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We are passing over a very trying phase
A sudden rise of the tide in the sea of poetry
Like a Tsunami of poems on Poem Hunter(PH) .
Site was caught in this situation unaware hence
Now finding difficult to deal with many affairs

Flood of poems emerging from the stream of poets
Gushing past the new poem arena quickly and forcefully
Causing much damage to the banks of the Poem Hunter
Comments are being delayed, Changes taking time
Frustration is seen all around even POTD skips member poem

Old pals have opened the floodgates of their poems
And without substance, ideas and imaginations
They are pushing their paper boats in the river
Poetic Virus (POVID-20) severely attacked their mind
And they are coughing poems with without rhymes

The database administrator must be busy, creating space
I am afraid and won't be surprised if PH soon declares a lockdown
Imagine the level of vomiting, they must be cleaned everyday
Some great poets are suffering from POVID-2020
And have lost their imagination power after reading funky- junky

Some are afraid to come out in the open without protection mask
And they do sanitization before and after reading poems
Some have gone forced self-quarantine and others are
Waiting for water to come down, since it being rainy season
In India, water (poems) is pouring more fiercely ever before
The water level has crossed the danger mark.
Quick comments, instant ratings,
A visit to poet's main page is at its peak

For some, posting crap is more important for scoring points
For the sake of poetry, stop this pollution
Control your nerves, Post only genuine poems.

Saturday, September 12, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: humorous,poetic expression,satire
I have seen many poems addressed to Poem Hunter towards their inability to handle comments, updates and other issues. Being a imaginative poet I envisaged an idea expressing how PH must be feeling and Satire on those poets who keep posting every damn things in the name of poetry. Certainly, their objectives are not known why they do it but as a poet one can understand, since they too being humans how can they remain aloof from Name, Fame and Glory and rat race. Enjoy it...
Aarzoo Mehek 12 September 2020

No words to express my disappointment at PH the essence of writing is lost. Its vomit everywhere. Disappointed at the substandard thoughts. A cough a burp and vision less poetry. Its indeed a rat race to compete for name. Glad you raised this issue Asim. It's sickening to read venomous vomit in the name of poetry. It's a heartbreaking situation for serious writers. Its a verbal diherria. ??

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Kostas Lagos 12 September 2020

Hehehe! You are right to the point...

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Varsha M 12 September 2020

POVID-2020 is serious indeed Need to do some pristine To nurture a lot more space Accommodating all the best. Water keeps flowing Many times overflowing All because of flexibility matter Life of human soul forever. Good expression. Thank-you.

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Poetic Sky 12 September 2020

Wonderful satire, shame to call them poets, who keep writing nonsense and call it a poem..

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Indira Renganathan 12 September 2020

No words to comment..instead I thank you....beyond rating

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Zuzu Mutairi 15 September 2020

A great satire on PH and its poets.

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Suresh Kumar Ek 14 September 2020

humourous poem about poems in PH

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Deluke Muwanigwa 13 September 2020

Great one mate. How did i miss this one. I reckon this ought to be poem of the day. Great humour man.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 13 September 2020

A well executed poem. Truly powerful.....10+++

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Darren Jkoeryo 13 September 2020

DJ liked the satire and humor. Wise and witty. Call spade a spade is no joke.

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