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..Pride A Collection Of 7 Deadly Sins

Rating: 4.0

Seated to the left of Satan
Come forth the biggest fool
That walked among men
Behold the fool that fooled
A mouse making him
Think he was a lion
Fool beneath the disguise
You will always be a coward
You will never be
As mighty as a lion

Where all souls stand as equals
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Oluko George 05 October 2009

Short, pointy and real.

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Catrina Heart 05 October 2009

Fools fool by this fool......wow what a line made here....great poem about pride....Hope you read this aloud here in PH...sigh we dont have slam poetry here! ! ! well done.........

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Trever Barlow 03 October 2009

'A mouse to think he's a lion But fools beneath the disguise A mouse is always a coward Not a mighty lion' love it, Eyan! great poem, thank you for inviting me to read it! :)

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C. P. Sharma 02 October 2009

Beautifully penned. Pride is the root of sins, it befools all. Wonderful allegory. CP

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I get it! I love the last few lines! Interesting write!

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 11 October 2009

I think the first word should be reworked 'Sited' is not a word, did you perhaps mean seated?

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Jen Capaldi 10 October 2009

Like all things in life, moderation should be used. to be a proud person in moderation and with humble respect for others is a good quality, but to allow it to blind you to the truths in life it becomes not only a terrible flaw but it blinds you to the truth as you so imagiatively put it... A mouse to think he's a lion But fools beneath the disguise A mouse is always a coward Not a mighty lion Great poem Eyan! Most certainly a 10+++ Jen

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Jester's P 07 October 2009

The poem points out the image of Satan as depicted in the truth of pride as a sin. And I agree with you it is indeed among the deadly seven sin according to the catholic tradition. In fact the fall of Satan and his angels (according to the story) caused by pride. However, I am convinced that man should have pride in his heart. It is only, knowing what pride really is- the healthy disposition of a balance personality. The pride is actually a right attitude in our selves by knowing our strength and weakness, potentiality and limitation, fullness and emptiness; in order for to project the right image in the right place with the right people at the right time. The poem is nice….please read my poem pride as my support to my “argument” (used in the discipline of philosophy) above. Thanks

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 06 October 2009

Quite an interesting poem: 'Fools fool by fool' Foolish Pride. good write Eyan...a 10

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Rajaram Ramachandran 05 October 2009

A mouse cannot stand boldly before a cat, leave alone a lion.

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