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\ Thruth About Love

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Love is supernatural, a strong affection of liking
Its wonderful, sweet, pleasant, warm,
pleasurable, fantastic and a great treasure
on the other hand, it be your biggest weakness.
it can be use to control, destroy, hurt, deceive, abuse
and kill people. It can be manipulated into a weapon
which can be use for mass destruction.

Its like water, it always needs to be contain or else
its uncontrollable, it has no limits or boundaries.
it can be your poison, it can be addictive,
a drug, a obsession, a sickness and it
can be difficult to let go of,
even if you know its wrong.
love can turn into jealousy and hate

love cannot be found, it cannot be bought
love takes time, its also like a baby it grows
fast. Age sometimes makes love stronger

They lie, love dies sometimes.
Love, dont always last a life time

Unlike many things there are many feelings similar to love
lust, attraction, sexual feelings, liking, thirst,
admiration for someone is not love.

Everyone falls in love sometimes
love have no friends, it affects anyone, anywhere
anytime when you least expect it starts like a seed and
it develops from the inside especially, if
it's given the right ingredients.

love is not evil, it's not mean,
love, but dont always expect your,
love to be return.
its painful but true.
love it's not faithful,
Never blame love because its not fair

blame the person you are in love with,
love is just a powerful feeling.
begging to be use properly
I always say its never wrong to love
or beloved, you must just find
the right person to be in love with.
Copyright © ®2009, Eyan desire. All rights reserved

Seanee' Flowers 02 February 2009

I always get mad at love cause it's always with the wrong person. But you have spoken the truth.....

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Kesav Easwaran 02 February 2009

love...an all time theme dear and near to poet's heart...good truth you tell about love in yours this wrte...10

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Joscelyn Alderdice 01 February 2009

Beautiful. That is the truth about love. You are very right. Wonderful poem :)

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Rivers' Baby Gurl ;) 31 January 2009

i absolutely 100 percent loved this poem! ! ! ! u amaze me with ur writings

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Kindle Jackson 29 January 2009


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In psychology Love considered as most potent positive emotion if used justly …opposite is true but it can’t be said Love may be just pretension…in outré outfit… And you’ve nicely penned panorama of love thanks 10+ Ms. Nivedita

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Vandavasu Vittal 16 October 2009

Love is a scrimage yet a purposeful fight nice poem.

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rago rago 09 July 2009

formless but it is a form......... truth about love........... fine write and I like description.......

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Ramesh T A 09 February 2009

I appreciate your efforts to describe what love is. Nice to read!

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Christine Kerr 06 February 2009

There are many feelings similar to love, Lust, attraction, sexual feelings, liking, thirst, admiration for someone is not love. now there's a line to remember. Great writing

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