Rape Poem by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler


Rating: 3.9

it was another spontaneous New Year’s Eve
when we climbed the locked gate
outside the municipal park where
we laid on our backs looking up
at the stars sharing a bottle of
cheap champagne – the kind
of tart bubbly swill that
makes your tongue curl – she
wasn’t even that attractive in fact
she was a bit heavy for her frame
which was fine
i wasn’t there for sex anyway

but more for her company;
to have someone to kiss at midnight
she told me how she was raped by her
brother’s best friend when she was 13
and it awoke an insatiable demon
inside her longing to make peace
from that violent act with each boy
she had been with since
we all rape each other, she said,
it’s just that some times feel better than the others
her watch beeped madly at the stroke
of midnight and she clumsily pounced
on me and shoved her tongue in my mouth

her hands pushed their way below my waist
as i lay there like a fresh corpse
not fully participating, but not reciprocating either
if she was aware of my apathy, she pretended
not to notice as she soon had
peeled my damp clothes off
and took full advantage of my naked body
while she begged for me to take her from behind
i held out as her mouth crawled all over
me like a groggy snail
before i reluctantly rolled a rubber on and obliged her
all the while with my eyes on the moon
wishing i were with someone else

Uriah Hamilton 23 January 2006

a very real poem about the delicate psyche.

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Poetry Hound 23 January 2006

Oh man! This is intense! What a poignant slice of life. I had no idea which direction it would go even as I came to the end. Some good images - 'groggy snail' is my favorite, although 'favorite' doesn't seem like the right word here. This is a delicate subject and you did just fine. Reminds me of the time I was with a woman who'd been raped. It was, um, different.

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Joy Vanderhelm 23 January 2006

Well now. Very emotionally charged piece that definitely could have been bad had it been done differently. A masterful piece of imagery and tone. Well done.

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Ben No 18 April 2007

I really like this, I like the honesty in saying you'd go through with it (or did go through with it, whatever) , cos I would've felt the same way and then acted the same way, possibly without ever really knowing why. I've been in similiar situations. Actually, given how much I'm relating to your stuff, are you sure we're not the same person? And if we are, which one is Tyler Durden?

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Daniel Partlow 09 February 2007

Great piece no question, but it leaves me with the question, so why did you go through with it? I'm not condemning, just curious. And was this before or after you took your vows, Rev. Dr.?

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A mental rape, this - in the best possible, professionally, THINK- YOU READER! - superbly written way. True to style. t x

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Dee Daffodil 23 June 2006

Jake...was it the feedback to this poem that caused you to switch personalities? I thought it was an interesting perspective! Hugs, Dee

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I love you to pieces, Baby, but as a rape survivor...I was offended by this poem.

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