Schism Poem by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler


Rating: 4.7

The fireworks and the flowers
Of their younger years together
Had waned and wilted
Through thousands of seamless hours of
Her with her constant harping,
Him with his ceaseless philandering
His roman candle libido coughed like a
Smokestack at her whenever she climbed
Into bed with him
Whilst the butterflies that had once fluttered within her
Bosom when he walked into the room
Had fallen frozen
In the winter of their marriage
Neighbours supposed the couple stayed together
Only to hold out for the meager life insurance
And maybe the infinitesimal hope of
A new romance before they themselves
Forgot their own grey names
Daily, the pair passed thru the silent house
With cold barrels bent
Their last private thoughts every night
Before they fell asleep
Were to dream up ingenious ways each
Could kill the other and make it
Look like an accident

Anna Russell 07 November 2006

Fishing wire accross the top of the stairs. Not that I'd ever consider such a thing. But it's nearly invisible... Hugs Anna xxx

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The first three lines sum up the degeneration, the rest of this marvellously penned piece takes us insightfully and wittily through from external observations and hypotheses to the internal coldness and plotting of two people we probably all know... wonderful, detailed, rather eery, commentary on the transition. Scarily common, methinks, but rarely articulated so engagingly. Grand! t x

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Chuck Audette 08 November 2006

Wonderfully dark and aptly descriptive. Cannibalism is a great way to hide the body. You'll have to cook lots of chili, but it's nice when your partner can make you feel all warm and satisfied like that. -chuck

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Ben No 20 April 2007

Is it wrong that the last few lines made me laugh out loud?

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Alison Smith 22 February 2007

Their remaining together is it laziness or the fun of the battle... Excellent story telling... Alison

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M S 18 December 2006

i second lea, roman candle libido is a phrase for the ages... along with frozen butterflies. Excellent as usual, depressing as always. Cheers, MS

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Lea Simpson 20 November 2006

You are an incredible storyteller. The roman candle libido is a fab turn of phrase. Bravo.

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Erica Francis 16 November 2006

Saw it coming. Made me smirk.

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