Running Race Was Over... Poem by Kesav Venkat Easwaran

Running Race Was Over...

Running race was over;
Rabbit was musing hard
How come he lost to her?
Shameful and sad; so bad

As outside darkness spread
From inside of his heart,
He met her in her nest;
Asked how she managed that

Tortoise smiled and said:
Over those drinks you had,
Inside those pumping talks,
Last night two pills I packed!

28th May 2009

Bob Blackwell 06 June 2009

Kesav you never cease to amaze me with your clever use of words. No time for sleep here. Wonderful. Bob

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Vidi Writes 06 June 2009

As long as the inner darkness spreads out The nightfall masks everything Life knows to deceive at right time Whether one learns the lesson or not Race will be over for sure. Wonderful, i say, dear poet. A strong style of your own shines here. Thank you

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Noha El3wdy 06 June 2009

you are the poet dear friend, thats really over great, teaching and simple. i liked that

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Seema Chowdhury 05 June 2009

yes this is truth..... a very nice way of conveying your message.

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Mamta Agarwal 05 June 2009

how do you do it Kaesav, these days I am reading Aesops fables and how the lessons can be applied in corporate management. your poem is simple. you need to be smart to outsmart.10 Mamta

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Gargi Saha 28 June 2009

A wonderful poem. u get 10++++++++

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Sarvesh Kulkarni 07 June 2009

light....but deep. this is the way to convey an important message, i guess. 10 to you sir. thank you.

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Obinna Eruchie 07 June 2009

you penned an interesting tale on how the hare wondered on how he was defeated by the tortoise that he had to ask her.

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Maitreyee Joshi 07 June 2009

what were the pills made uo of? were they the usual sleeping pills or the psycological pills of over-confidence and ego boost that causes even the intelligent people loose themselves? wonderful, enlightening write, sir.10 from me.thanks

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Winnie Angel 06 June 2009

thought put in a way that is only ur unique way of putting in lines...loved it!

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