Should You Let The Man Lead? Poem by Practicing Poetess

Should You Let The Man Lead?

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Should you let the man lead
If you dance, but he doesn't?
If he has two left feet,
Fred Astaire, he sure wasn't?

If he's awkward, unsure
And he steps on your toes?
And it soon is apparent
That the whole dance floor knows?

If your guy plainly is
Not the picture of grace
You can come to his rescue,
And help him save face.

My advice, in this instance,
Is to head out the door
And allow him to lead
Elsewhere than the dance floor!

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: dance,humor
...Then, he wants to kiss you
And, holding you close,
He zooms in for the kill,
And bumps into your nose!
Tom Allport 19 September 2019

Ha ha but who cares who is looking the main thing is to just prance about and have fun, life's too short.

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Practicing Poetess 19 September 2019

Thank you, Tom, for the liberating advice to be free of what anyone else thinks, and to have fun! To live for the moment, as moments matter more, the older we grow! : -)

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Ray Hansell 12 September 2019

I like this poem a lot. Very nice expressed.

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Practicing Poetess 12 September 2019

Thank you, Ray, for the compliment! I had a lot of fun writing this one. : -)

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Louis Rams 10 September 2019

a little humor was what we needed and you did it with perfection

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Practicing Poetess 10 September 2019

Awww, Thanks Louis! Humour, I can do. But perfection is a mighty high standard to live up to! : -)

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Bernard F. Asuncion 05 September 2019

Hehehe... a fun write, dear Ma’am 😁😁😁...10+++

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Practicing Poetess 05 September 2019

Glad you enjoyed it, Bernard! : -)

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Carl Roussell 04 September 2019

Witty poem and Poet's notes, thanks for posting!

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Practicing Poetess 04 September 2019

Thanks for your comment, Carl. I had fun with this one. The idea popped into my head unexpectedly, and it just took off! : -)

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