Soul Tells All Poem by Unwritten Soul

Soul Tells All

Rating: 4.3

My voice, the ink for this write
If just u ever wonder how SOUL sounds like
Not written this as another fairytale story
For real this is about you and me

In short met we made series
Each series we make beautiful stories
Friendship proven generates strong histories
At least it sails trusty and kills worries

Please stand yourself dont change anew for me
You are wrong if u think try to be perfect make me see
I maybe perfectionist but
Originally you simply the best thee
Cause perfect friend is mirrored by you, i can see

Could u believe me if i say
If you ever need me now
I'll spend time for you
Listen to your words say
Clear your messy day
Say i'm fool and jokes all the way

On the slippery life road
Let us holding each other
We could never fall, but...
If we fall let us fall together
No hurt but cheered by our laughter

Soul tells u
Be together to create a magic
Impossible for a bird to fly with one wing
For our dream to fly we can be a pair of wing
Strong enough for us to cross the wind
Above the high sky we flag for winning

Together we stand so easy
But my friendship isn't free,
It cost you price of happy
So can u pay this to me?
We were made each other as a friend
Forever u need me take my hand
Magical friendship for bruises to mend

Dear friend, did my soul told you
As long as u breathing
Anytime and anywhere you are
Don't you believe that you will lost me
Be with you, I don't need more but......
Please don't forget to pay me happy you
And now there's nothing i secret
Cause my soul tells it you

Frank James Davis 22 April 2013

No one carefully considers the many aspects of friendship more than you, Soul. A lovely poetic exploration!

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Unwritten Soul 28 June 2016

Thank Frank, sorry i took such long time to say that...i m just not keen to check the comment regularly and thanks to everyone who commented my poem to all of you

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Edward Kofi Louis 16 June 2016

On the slippery life road! With the muse of your heart. Thanks for sharing.

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Unwritten Soul 28 June 2016

Thanks for visiting my page Edward :)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 07 September 2017

Yes, your soul tells us to remain with you anytime anywhere... beautifully crafted. Nice one. Thanks for sharing.'

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Simone Inez Harriman 13 July 2017

Great magic can be made with two souls that resonate and how lucky one is to have that connection. How lonely this planet can be without that special someone or those close caring friends.

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Richard Jarboe 03 July 2016

Only your soul can hide you, guide you and love you forever. Good one, ric

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Richard Jarboe 03 July 2016

Only your soul can hide you, only your soul will guide you, only your soul is going to love you forever, so I guess it's good I'm alone, eh?

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Christopher Tye 27 June 2016

Like all your poems a wonderful piece of work. The human soul is so deep and mysterious in nature.

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Unwritten Soul 28 June 2016

Thanks Chris :) I appreciate your kind words...made me smile!

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