Dr. Antony Theodore

Story Of My Tears And Dreams. - Poem by Dr. Antony Theodore

I collected my tears
In a dry coconut shell.
You know They glittered in the sunshine.
My tears are diamonds.

I gathered my dreams
In a thin plastic bag
And kept it under my armpit.
You know my dreams have the golden color.

I ran as fast as I could
To the King's Palace.
I want to sell my tears and dreams
for my mother is dying.
no money for medicine
for i am poor.

The Guards waved their swords.
I begged 'please allow me'.

On the courtyard, I stood, i the beggar of mercy.
And the princess came down to me.
Why are you here?
My mother is dying
I like to sell …..

My tears. You know, they are diamonds.

I brought my dreams too. You know they are golden.

My mother is dying..... i cried...

Princess burst into tears
Hugged me.
It was so intense.
She caressed my hair.
Her beautiful hands ran down my face.
Touched my lips wet with the salt of my tears.

The King saw, came down
Swirled his mighty sword.
My head rolled down.
Did the head of the princess roll down too? ? ?

I still remember how sweet her hugs were
How lovingly she touched me.
How she looked into my eyes with passion.
You know how I still remember it?

Topic(s) of this poem: innocence, love

Comments about Story Of My Tears And Dreams. by Dr. Antony Theodore

  • Stephen Steve Howard (4/21/2018 10:41:00 AM)

    A story of love in its many forms and needs transcending the boundaries of conformity and status. (Report) Reply

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  • Rae Seagull (4/6/2018 4:55:00 AM)

    An interesting poem with good imagery! 10 (Report) Reply

  • Baharak Barzin (4/6/2018 3:42:00 AM)

    very emotional and I wonder why would you gather your dreams in thin plastic bag (Report) Reply

  • Houda Boukassoula (3/30/2018 8:05:00 AM)

    deep emotional ad philosophical write a big 10. (Report) Reply

  • White Tiger (3/11/2018 10:29:00 AM)

    A truly deep emotional write. I thank you for sharing this wonderfully written poem Dr. Theodore. (Report) Reply

  • Stephanie T Castillo (3/6/2018 12:00:00 PM)

    Truly amazing of a young one who's love
    so pure can see the embrace of love.
    Lovely poem.
    (Report) Reply

  • Mahtab Bangalee (3/6/2018 12:49:00 AM)

    WOWO wonderfully you are cared into the den of merciful princess and like to quote here

    Princess burst into tears
    Hugged me.
    It was so intense.
    (Report) Reply

  • David Kinyanjui (3/3/2018 1:03:00 AM)

    Beautiful poem (Report) Reply

  • (2/18/2018 11:28:00 PM)

    Tears turned into cheers! Love looked into your eyes, what a surprise! Great poem of love, care, and cuddle! (Report) Reply

  • (2/12/2018 11:46:00 AM)

    Beautiful! Wonderful! Lovely! (Report) Reply

  • Hazel Durham (2/12/2018 8:53:00 AM)

    Beautiful imagery and a very creative story with a sad ending but the princess gave in a kind and caring way before the king showed how cruel life can be but the princess is the one you will always remember! Superb write! ! (Report) Reply

  • Kostas Lagos (2/10/2018 5:37:00 AM)

    Thank you for inviting me to read this poem.Truly remarkable! I salute you! (Report) Reply

  • Glen Kappy (2/8/2018 6:05:00 PM)

    hey, tony! my first time reading this, my first time that i remember reading something of yours that made me wonder if it came in a dream. what mainly stands out to me is the memory of the princess. a single act of kindness can rise like a mountain from the sea of mundane or bad memories, can be a beacon in darkness. -glen (Report) Reply

  • (5/12/2016 2:04:00 AM)

    Wow, this poem is intense, Tony! An amazing story! Totally can relate to the poverty, having no money to help your own mother, it's heart rending, taking one to the depths of hell. The princess had a good heart and soul and felt for the poor boy. Her father, the king had no time nor heart to bother with what he seemed to deem a beggar. Totally profound and sorrowful, but with a message that rings true throughout the world! Thank you for inviting me to read this fabulous poem, Tony. RoseAnn 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (Report) Reply

  • Kelly Iyogun (5/6/2016 1:44:00 PM)

    Wow this do tell a story not everyone would understand your pains nor dreams, the ones who do would love you for it and those who won't would ask for your head. Thanks Dr. Antony Theodore for sharing it was inspirational (Report) Reply

  • (4/22/2016 1:44:00 PM)

    The princess saw the tears and dreams as the gifts of love but some do not.
    A complex story beautifully told, a parable.
    Tom billsborough
    (Report) Reply

  • Anil Kumar Panda (4/22/2016 11:40:00 AM)

    This is what poor people have to go through in life. Dreaming big is a sin for them.Very nice. (Report) Reply

  • Ramakrushna Sahu (3/14/2016 10:08:00 AM)

    I collected my tears
    In a dry coconut shell.
    You know, They glittered in the sunshine.
    My tears are diamonds.

    I gathered my dreams
    In a thin plastic bag
    And kept it under my armpit.
    You know my dreams have golden color

    your expression of passion beyond imagination..spellbound..it is received by the princess (life) but not by the king..excellent presentation..thanks
    (Report) Reply

  • Liza Sudina (3/14/2016 8:46:00 AM)

    Tony! it is so stirking! so painful! My mom was ill not so long ago and I feel your pain freshly now.
    your poem reminded me Brodsky's poem - when he sent a tear as a diamond in a ring for his bride (he never married his first love) .
    (Report) Reply

  • Stephanie Hazle (3/12/2016 1:29:00 AM)

    Simple. In Heaven there will be stories told of astonishing earthly experiences that may thrill unsuspecting heavenly beings...and this story will be one. (Report) Reply

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