Story Of My Tears And Dreams. Poem by Dr. Antony Theodore

Story Of My Tears And Dreams.

Rating: 4.9

I collected my tears
In a dry coconut shell.
You know They glittered in the sunshine.
My tears are diamonds.

I gathered my dreams
In a thin plastic bag
And kept it under my armpit.
You know my dreams have the golden color.

I ran as fast as I could
To the King's Palace.
I want to sell my tears and dreams
for my mother is dying.
no money for medicine
for i am poor.

The Guards waved their swords.
I begged 'please allow me'.

On the courtyard, I stood, i the beggar of mercy.
And the princess came down to me.
Why are you here?
My mother is dying
I like to sell …..

My tears. You know, they are diamonds.

I brought my dreams too. You know they are golden.

My mother is dying..... i cried...

Princess burst into tears
Hugged me.
It was so intense.
She caressed my hair.
Her beautiful hands ran down my face.
Touched my lips wet with the salt of my tears.

The King saw, came down
Swirled his mighty sword.
My head rolled down.
Did the head of the princess roll down too? ? ?

I still remember how sweet her hugs were
How lovingly she touched me.
How she looked into my eyes with passion.
You know how I still remember it?

Friday, April 23, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: innocence,love
Valsa George 25 February 2016

The poem is a figment of the wild imagination of the poet. The princess was moved by your tears. Her compassionate heart melted listening to your sad tale. She must have been deeply touched by your intense desire to save your ailing mother. Here I see the contrast between the attitude of the princess and the king. Women are more compassionate than men! This poem has a magical ring about it and it sounds like a medieval romance!

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Atasha Williams 04 March 2016

With each passing minute I spend up here, I'm happy now, no longer do I live in fear. Mother is here too, she came the day after me. We are now truly free, From the sick life of tyranny.. I tried a ting! ! Lol Dying to know your version of what happen next Dr. Theo. You are truly blessed. Keep up the gr8 work. :) Atasha

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Anne Yun 06 March 2016

it truly can arise our delicate feelings, and Woolf said thatthe very reason why that poetry excites one to such abandonment, such rapture, is that it celebrates some feeling that one used to have, so that one responds easily, familiarly, without troubling to check the feeling, or to compare it with any that one has now.yours bring us to the same kind of childhood tears and dreams and always easily sad imaginations, thanks a lot

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Ozark Mountain Homegrown 10 March 2016

Do you remember it because it was just a dream? Or do you remember it because death is not the end, but only the beginning of a new story? Great poem filled with vivid imagination and suspense! Liked it a lot!

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Stephanie Hazle 12 March 2016

Simple. In Heaven there will be stories told of astonishing earthly experiences that may thrill unsuspecting heavenly beings...and this story will be one.

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Richard Wlodarski 11 November 2018

What an incredible poem! Love for a dying mother. Fantasy love for the princess. Jealousy and evil from the king. And at the center of it all is innocence. Excellent write, Tony. Thank you for the invite.

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Susheela Shiju 28 October 2018

oh my! it's straight from your heart! can read your mind dear Tony! 10++++

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Steve Howard 21 April 2018

A story of love in its many forms and needs transcending the boundaries of conformity and status.

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Rae Seagull 06 April 2018

An interesting poem with good imagery! 10

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Baharak Barzin 06 April 2018

very emotional and I wonder why would you gather your dreams in thin plastic bag

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