Sweet Storm! Poem by Siddartha Montik

Sweet Storm!

Rating: 4.2

The storm was so wonderful..,
so much that it made me blissful!

never know what it is like a daze,
may be as I always lived in my own cage!

was such a storm may be for me to wait,
is making me now almost straight!

a feel nothing of bad,
but something as a needy rude!

the winds were so calm,
the beginning with such a claim!

the end sure was a sweet storm,
now making it all get a reform!

Sweet Storm!
Edward Kofi Louis 18 November 2016

Blissful storm! Nice piece of work.

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Akram Awadat 28 October 2009

fantastic poem, i like it 10+

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James Mclain 09 November 2016

Nothing can make one faster change then love if unreturned.. iip

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Medusa Waves 07 August 2009

Wow-very very good! Has a lots meaning and feeling.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 15 December 2017

Siddartha, such an inspiring poem??????

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Khirod Dalpati 15 September 2017

the end sure was a sweet storm, now making it all get a reform! The storms bring destruction But you have dared to face And you have expressed wonderfully. Beautiful

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Michael Hopkins 01 June 2017

Very nice that you can see beyond the ordinary ego self to the Beauty that exists unseen during everyday appearances.

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Siddartha Montik 02 June 2017

Nature Rules us Sir! ! we Humans are feeble!

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Lee Mack 11 January 2017

poet good.........................inner and outer realm in nature

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Bri Edwards 25 December 2016

needy rude! and some other phrases were especially puzzling for me. BUT i did get that it was a poem about a storm! i'm not COMPLETELY dense/stupid. hee-hee. bri :)

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