Nicholaus Taphorn

The Hockey Game - Poem by Nicholaus Taphorn


The players get ready for their big game tonight.
The Stanley Cup final, this will be a big fight
Between two hockey teams from the East and the West,
But only one team, can be the very best.

The players step out on the ice for the warm-up,
With their cheering mascots of two little pups.
They skate around shooting puck after puck,
At their goalie as if to say “good luck”.

Then the first line players skate to center ice
From the announcer’s view, they look like mice.
The ref drops the puck and the battle is on,
This will be a good game, it will go until dawn.

The East team wins the draw, and drops it back to the defenseman,
Who passes it up to the right-winger captain.
He drives into the zone and gets ready to shoot,
But some of the audience give him a hoot.

He hesitates for a sec, but that is enough,
Because a guy from the West side gives him a rough.
He gets hammered into the boards, quite dazed by this hit
And then he decides to retaliate to it.

He skates at full speed after his hitter from the West,
He wants a fight and he will do his best,
To make the guy angry and turn around to punch,
And draw a penalty for his team to get past this whole bunch.

But he trips the guy instead and his plan back fires.
Now he is in the box, as if tangled with wires.
The West wins the draw after that stoppage in play,
and fires it at the net, to make the crowd’s day.

HE SCORES! Cries the announcer, with a lot of glee,
For his favorite team has now taken the lead.

The game begins again and it keeps going on,
With players rushing up and down the ice, then the puck is gone,
once again the West team has scored, another goal,
sliding the puck through the goalies five-hole.

The goalie slams his stick, in angry frustration,
While the other team celebrates this special occasion.
Play resumes once again and the other team fights back,
To score their first goal with a shot like a gun.
And this hockey games score, is now 2-1.

The period soon ends with the players quite tired,
But after this play, some of them are quite wired.
But they get a break, to rest and hold grins,
And wait until the second period begins.

And then soon enough as the zamboni finishes,
The teams are back out trying to get this game in their clutches.
The game starts again with the West winning the draw,
And the other team now acts against a hockey law.

A player is now injured on the side of the West,
For he took a slash, right into the chest.
5 Minute Major! The ref yells to the East.
For acting like a horrible beast.

The East is one-man short for 5 minutes or less,
For the West has a chance to do more then their best.
And they do! they push hard firing shot after shot,
Until the goalie is tangled in a knot.

Then a high, hard slap-shot comes from the slot,
Putting the puck right into the pot.
It is now 3-1 for the team from the West.
It looks like they are going to be the very best.

But the East team keeps pressing to get back in the game,
They score one goal, and another, now almost without shame.
And now the game is tied at 3-3,
Which team will win? Which team will it be?

The play goes from one end of the ice to another,
Some players trying to impress, their very proud mothers.
They are having a lot of fun here you see,
Except the one guy with an injured knee.

The West side then takes a penalty for tripping,
The East guy is flat on his nose, blood dripping.
The West takes the “power” out of “power play” though,
And then they get a breakaway, for a shorthanded goal.

With the score now 4-3, in favor of the West,
It looks like the East guys are doomed to their death.
But no, they press even harder still,
To get the tying goal, from their very strong will.

Then the second period comes to an end,
With the players each skating to opposite ends,
To go to their respective dressing rooms,
Getting ready for the 3rd period glooms.

The zamboni then drives out on the ice, to mend,
All the cuts in the ice made by player’s skate bends.
It fills them with water and makes the ice smoothed,
While the teams in their dressing get a themselves soothed.

Then he finally is done, and the players are back,
For 3rd period action, and no time for slack.
Right off the draw the East takes the puck clean,
And scores even though the goalies is quite keen.

The West then fights back with enormous strength,
And skates around the ice a full seven lengths.
They shoot and they pass, they hit and they take,
The puck away from the opposing team, with their game at stake.

Then finally after so much hard work,
They get the tying goal, and to the other team they smirk.
The game goes on with the West scoring again,
To make it 6-5, from the wills of the men.

Then with 1 minute left in the game the East side,
Pulls their goalie for the extra man Clyde.
They now have an empty net in their end,
But they have 6 attackers with a goal space to mend.

Then with a scramble by the net the goalie takes the puck,
And flips it down the ice hoping for lots of luck.
With ten seconds left then nine and then eight,
The puck hits the net like it just opened a gate.

The goalie he shouts with ever so much joy,
The West wins the cup and as if it were a new toy,
They scream, they shout, they give victory cries.
The cup is now theirs and I’m not telling lies.

They shake hands with the East and they say great game,
For without this hard working team,
It just wouldn’t of been the same,
Exciting game that it was, with no fame.

So that is the story of THE HOCKEY GAME.
I hoped you all liked. Michael Jordan said it was lame.


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